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28/03/2017 EC Study on materials in contact with drinking water - the main results and proposals / Help options for users of materials in contact with drinking water General
27/03/2017 Outcomes of 4 ° Italy-China Business Forum (Beijing, 21-22 February) General
27/03/2017 Agreement MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement) between Switzerland and Europe: doubt and uncertainty after the alignment of the main product directives General
27/03/2017 Working Group Pressure: updates on Directive 2014 / 68 / EC (PED) and the Directive 2014 / 29 / EU (SPVD) General
27/03/2017 F-GAS - Decree of the DPR Revision 43 / 2012 in implementing the new F-Gas Regulation 517 / 2014
Safety and environment
27/03/2017 Antidumping - EU Proposal on new methodology of the dumping calculation (MES / China) General
24/03/2017 Road transport: an incoming Directive by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT)
Safety and environment
23/03/2017 ISO 9001: 2018 prepare for General
20/03/2017 Interchange Italy-Romania 12,85 MLD euro in 2016 General
20/03/2017 MOCA and Regulations 1935 / 2004 - Published in the Official Gazette the decree with sanctions
17/03/2017 Federation ANIMA present at WTO 2017
17/03/2017 SMEs: new soft loans for missions abroad General
16/03/2017 The EU Parliament adopts its position on the Circular Economy Package General
16/03/2017 MOROCCO: Italian exports grow General
15/03/2017 fire prevention technical standards for communal activities General

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