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WATER PLANTS: the market seen by Lauro Prati President Aqua Italia

The sector of "Primary Civil Water Plants and Equipment", after stagnant years, sees signs of recovery both in production figures and in the global climate. The data reflect, and in some cases outperform, the trend of related sectors. An example is the construction sector, an obvious draw for civilian installations, which after years of hardship has seen a trend reversal in 2016. In addition, the world of restructuring has also been positively influenced by low interest rates and incentives for energy efficiency, as well as a renewed confidence of Italians and entrepreneurs.

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Directives, regulations and surroundings

New for treatment and drinking water consumption

In 2012, after many years of waiting and comparisons with the institutions, Aqua Italia (Association of companies manufacturing and manufacturing plants for primary water treatment) announced the signing of the new Ministerial Decree n. 25 of the Ministry's 07.02.12 ...

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Projects and activities

House of water: a project for users

Aqua Italia is proud to present the ambitious project dedicated to the final consumer.

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direct line to Europe


AQUAITALIA adheres to AQUA EUROPE (European Federation of Associations for water treatment) founded thirty years ago, of which he is a founding member, and is actively engaged in many of the CEN technical committees (...

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Publications AQUA ITALIA

From the very beginning, the Aqua Italia association has created and made available to its member companies a series of publications that clearly illustrate the treatment of water: a mass of knowledge built over the years, largely the result of the precious support of entrepreneurs.


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