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Trend of the whole civil and industrial sector 2016-2017

Systems and equipment for primary water civilians
After years of stagnation the 2016 has provided signs of a recovery in both production numbers in the climate in general. The numbers of re fl ect the sector, even improving them, the trend of macroeconomic data and af fi ne areas. An example is the construction sector, definitely a driving force for the plants for civil use, that after years very dif fi cult, in 2016 sees a turnaround.

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Directives, regulations and surroundings

New for treatment and drinking water consumption

Presented at MCE 2012 regulatory updates for the field of expertise Aqua Italy

New for treatment and drinking water consumption

More and more Italians use the tap water for potable alcohol, also confirmed by ...

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Projects and activities

information campaign on water treated in restaurants

More and more businesses in Italy and abroad offer the treated tap water to its customers. The restaurants, hotels, schools,

House of water: a project for users

Aqua Italy is proud to present the ambitious project dedicated to the final consumer.

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direct line to Europe


AQUAITALIA adheres to AQUA EUROPE (European Federation of Associations for water treatment) founded thirty years ago, of which he is a founding member, and is actively engaged in many of the CEN technical committees (...

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Guidelines for the information ...

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