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First quarter 2019: plus sign for split, VRF and heat pump hydronic machines

The quarterly survey of Assoclima on the Italian market shows a positive 2019 start for the direct expansion segment: + 6,1% by volume and + 8,4% by value for monosplit systems, + 17,7% by volume and + 18,1% by value for multisplit, + 9,1% by volume and + 12,6% by value for miniVRF and VRF systems. A plus sign also for packaged and rooftop air conditioners (+ 1,4% by volume and + 35,7% by value), while the year in the monoblock and transferable air conditioners sector starts (-36,3% by volume and -30,6% by value).

Directives, regulations and surroundings

Database on fluorinated gases: the next deadlines

With the entry into force of the DPR 146 / 2018 implementing the F-Gas regulation 517 / 2014, a database was set up which collects and stores information on the sales of fluorinated gases - and the equipment that contains them - and on installation activities ...

The National Fund for Energy Efficiency is underway

The National Fund for Energy Efficiency - FNEE is an incentive that supports the implementation of interventions aimed at ensuring the achievement of national energy efficiency targets.

From 20 May ...

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Projects and activities

Guide for refrigeration technicians and refrigeration technicians

Assoclima is one of the sponsors of the Guideline "The new Italian F-gas - The Dpr 146 / 2018", prepared by the Assofrigoristi association.

On-line a new Assoclima website to illustrate the advantages of the newly developed cooling towers

The PG9 has launched a program of activities in the 2017 with the aim of highlighting the very high levels of technological innovation and energy efficiency achieved by the newly developed cooling towers and revitalizing the interest of ...

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direct line to Europe

Luca Binaghi elected first deputy chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eurovent Association

On the occasion of the 62 ° Eurovent Annual Meeting, held in Braga (Portugal) at the end of May, Naci Sahin was reconfirmed as President of the Eurovent Association. In his second term, Sahin will be assisted by Luca Binaghi, elected first vice president, and supported ...

Webinar on the European heat pump market

EHPA European Heat Pump Association organizes the 24 June, from 16.00 to 17.00, a webinar dedicated to the last developments in the European heat pump market.

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