The voice of ASSOPOMPE

The voice of Assopompe

Interview with Carlo Banfi, who was elected between last May and June as both Assopompe President and Europump President.

The pumps look at the European crisis top-down

The Italian pumps lead Europe. The direct line Assopompe-Europump brings Italian manufacturers of voice in a privileged position on the worktables where you are defining the energy efficiency criteria, such as the system approach, able to improve the energy potential of a pump up all'80% analyzing the entire pumping system.

healthy export sector and voted one of the pumps (over 70% of production), and which does not hide its potential. Among the objectives of the new presidency enlargement of the membership base.

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Directives, regulations and surroundings

Lot 30 - Electric motors - First draft Regulation

Inside the Lot 30 of Ecodesign Directive electric motors not included in the Regulations 640 / 2009 (and its amendment with 4 / 2014 Regulations)are being studied.

The preparatory study is finished before the summer and has now begin the regulatory process within the ...

Ecodesign: WP 2015-2017

As part of the preparatory study for the drafting of eco Woking Plan 2015-2017 they have been developed and are available at the following link the first 3 chapters (task).

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Projects and activities

Project "Dogana Facile" (Easy Customs)

ANIMA, consistent with our firm commitment to push to internationalization, presents the project "Dogana Facile" (Easy Customs)

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direct line to Europe

EUROPUMP documentation

Europump, European Association of Pump Manufacturers, was founded in 1960. 18 15 represents National Associations in EU member states, Switzerland, Turkey, and Russia. The associated with Europump represent more than 450 companies with value ...

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download Center

Technical documentation

Work in progress

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Companies and products

Member Benefits