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SPER / 0,46: the right weight for gas heat pumps

The MiSE - Ministry of Economic Development - has published the third series of FAQs "CLARIFICATIONS IN THE FIELD OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDING"Concerning the application of the Ministerial Decrees of the 26 2015 (implementation of the 90 / 2013 Act, which in turn incorporates the European directive 2010 / 31 / CE on energy performance in buildings).
In particular the 3.19 FAQ goes to fill the gap in the formula in the 1 Annex of Legislative Decree 28 / 2011, which unfairly discriminated the technology of gas conditioning.

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Directive 2009 / 125 / EC "ErP - Ecodesign"

The Directive 2009 / 125 / EC "ErP - Energy related Products" has now replaced the previous directive from 2009 2005 / 32 / EC "EUP - Energy Using Products" ede is a framework directive which aims to improve the energy efficiency of a wide range of products related to energy consumption. I. ..

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The air conditioning gas

The primary energy consumption related to the winter heating and summer of buildings play a leading role in a country like Italy and rationalize them would bring significant energy and economic benefits.

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Market statistics and Technical Manuals

In this section you will find the statistics and market surveys and technical documentation for absorption chillers and heat pumps with combustion engine


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