• Projects CODE and CODE2

  • Energy Efficiency in Italian

    technological solutions and business opportunities in the Industry, Services and Public Administration

  • Cogeneration and energy efficiency

    Success of attendance and interest in the conference that Italcogen organized with the authoritative contributions of Mise, Ministry of the Environment, AEEG, GSE, Mipaaf, Fast and operators.

  • Biomass, quality is measured in decibels

  • Workshop CODE project 2

    Tuesday 22 October will be held at FAST - Federation of Scientific Technical Assoc iazioni the workshop dedicated to the project 2 CODE - Cogeneration Observatory and Dissemination Europe.

    The event is dedicated to the creation of a roadmap for cogeneration in view of the implementation of the direttva 2012 / 27 / EU "Energy Efficiency Directive" and will see the participation of companies Italcogen

  • Conference Italcogen 7 November

    Great expectations for the main event of the year for the sector cogeneration Italcogen organizes in the context of Key Energy at Rimini Fiera 7 next November.

  • Courses Climgas

    Climgas, in collaboration with Assistal, by the way their training on technologies for air conditioning gas and thermally activated.

    The courses are taught by professionals in the industry, are aimed at designers and installers and provide two modules from a day each:

    • The first module is dedicated to technology absorption refrigerators;
    • the second module is heat pumps driven by a gas combustion engine.

  • AEEG Resolution 129 / 13 on GD

    The Authority for Electricity and Gas published on 28 / 03 the Resolution 28 129 March / 2013 / I / eel with a separate report on the situation of distributed generation (defined by the AEEG as plants of less than a 10 MVA ) 2011 updated annually.

    The resolution and the attached report are available at:


  • 20 ° COGEN Europe Annual conference

    The 17, 18 and 19 April, COGEN Europe renews its annual meeting dedicated to cogeneration and energy efficiency.

    Italcogen will be actively associated with its

  • Italcogen participates in the chain table Bioenergy organized by MIPAAF

    The bioenergy table, created as the DM 9800 27 2012 April aims to enhance the production and processing for energy purposes of agricultural and forestry biomass for multifunctional agriculture.

    Italcogen is a member of the working table, in which it participates actively.

    Click here to access the working papers

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    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.