• The Thermal Recovery in conference

  • Published the study on micro-FIRE for ENEA with the contribution of Italcogen

    The FIRE, Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy, recently published in collaboration with ENEA research on the electrical system dedicated to the CHP: "Analysis of operating data of machines cogeneration and guidelines for the design and management"
    Italcogen has had an active role in the drafting of the document, thanks to the efforts of President ing. Silvio Rudy Stella.

  • Energy efficiency through heat recovery

    Rimini, 9 November - the association that within SOUL Even with this year's edition 2012 Italcogen - represents the cogeneration industry - wants to repeat the success of last year with an event that already starts to sell out.
    The Italcogen proposal for the conference program of Key Energy 2012 is to embrace the themes proposed biofuels and thermal recoveries and objective of the meeting is to provide information to consider thermal recoveries that innovation engine.

  • Italcogen Energy Conference in Key 2012

  • Success with the public and interest

    The success of the conference Italcogen 9 last November as a further confirmation of the great interest around the theme of heat recovery.

  • CONFERENCE Italcogen in Key Energy: "Energy efficiency through heat recovery"

    Italcogen, presents in Key Energy 2012 a meeting with the operators on the issue of heat recovery.

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    Learn more at the Secretariat: 02.45418550

  • Directive 2012 / 27 / EU EED: tool for the development of the country

    With regard to national implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012 / 27 / EU and to the work that has seen the specific WG on the transposition we send the final work submitted to MISE, MATT to ENEA, GSE, AEEG.
    Transposition exceeds the previous directives 2004 / 08, 2006 / 32 and in fact set up a new horizon of the cogeneration market and the thermal recovery in Europe. The effort has been remarkable with the objective that energy efficiency, cogeneration and heat recovery are actually the engine of development of the country.

  • KEY ENERGY 2012

    Manifestation of great appeal to the new market for the last edition of Energy has recorded nearly 2011 76.000 visitors, 630 journalists of the national and foreign target companies in the renewable energy, engineering, public administration, etc. ..

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  • What is cogeneration

    CHP is the combined production of electricity and heat to the conditions defined by the Authority for Electricity and Gas, which ensure significant energy savings compared to separate production, "reads the Legislative Decree of March 16 1999, No. 79 Article 2, paragraph 8.

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    ITALCOGEN - Italian Association of Cogeneration System Manufacturers and Distributors

    Inside ANIMAFederation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical industries, and the like, l 'Association Italcogen brings together manufacturers and distributors of cogeneration plants, heat recovery and fuel cells at national level.

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