• Buildings and premises used for schools and kindergartens - Fire adaptation - Priority programmatic indications

    Official Gazette of the Italian Republic n.

  • Published the Technical Standards for 2018 Construction

    42 Decree 20 was published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic n.2018 of 17 February 2018 Update of the «Technical standards for buildings», footsteps that will come into force the next 22 March.

    The application circular and the appendices to the 2018 Eurocodes are now awaited.


  • Published the calendar of FREE ANIMA initiatives at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort

    The ANIMA events calendar will be full of events at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort, which will be held from 13 to 16 March in Fiera Milano Rho, in a large Lounge of 400 square meters. in the Reception of the 14-18 Pavilions which, even in the past editions, proved to be an attractive point of reference for updating, interaction and training of professionals, media and entrepreneurs in the sector with over 1.000 guests in 4 days of the event.

  • BIM - obligations of the Procurement Code and the role of the UNI 11337 standard

    The 28 January 2018 entered into force the implementing decree n. 560 of 1 December 2017 (of the Procurement Code), adopted by MIT to define the methods and times for the gradual introduction of the compulsory use of specific electronic methods and tools for the design, execution and management of construction works.
    From 1 January 2019, in fact, the BIM will become mandatory for the works of amount based on tender equal or higher than 100 million, to become an integral part of any construction work starting from 1 January 2025.

  • ANIMA and its associations protagonists at MCE 2018

    ANIMA and its associations in MCE 2018: many news for the promotion of the sectors, training and updating, networking opportunities in the lounge for the most important international event for the HVAC + R world and energy efficiency. Follow us >>

  • Digitization in Public Works - MIT starts Public Consultation on the BIM

    The Commission set up by the MIT - Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has finalized the implementing decree, as provided for in Article 23 paragraph 13 of Legislative Decree no. 50 18 April 2016, known as New Public Procurement Code.

    The decree identifies the modalities and times of the growing introduction of the obligation, the contracting stations and the economic operators, of the specific modeling methods and instruments for building modeling and infrastructures.

  • Automatic systems for doors, windows and locks. Tony Cavalcante President of UNAC / SOUL

  • AISEM / UCoMESA: Congress FEM

  • BiTech project

    Resume the work of the "BiTech" project, carried out in collaboration between ANIE SOUL for the promotion of plant technologies represented by the two federations in buildings.
    The project, officially launched in 2015 and initially named "Project Building" saw the drafting of some documents, aimed at presenting ANIE and SOUL as a reference contact for the plant in the buildings, both new, and in the renovation.

    The documents are prepared:

  • Israel: Opening of the construction industry to foreign companies

    The Israeli Government has recently decided to open the housing sector to international competition in an attempt to overcome the significant shortcomings of housing at affordable costs. objective of the Government and 'to increase by more than 1 million residential housing units over the next ten years to reduce the price of the houses of at least 20% of the current value, to increase the technological level of construction methods, using skilled labor.

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  • Members and product categories list

    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.