• Revision CB / TEE: first effects

    By decree of the Ministry of Economic Development "Revocation and update the data sheets of the incentive mechanism of white certificates." Of December 22 2015 they have been eliminated four standardized forms for the release of White Certificates / Energy Efficiency Certificates and they have been overhauled a fifth.

    The decree is the result of what has already been anticipated and discussed with the start of consultations for the publication of the new guidelines on GSE White Certificates whose work began last spring.

  • Energy efficiency: first fuel for Europe

    The EEFIG Report on Energy Efficiency and Heating & Cooling strategy at the center of the institutional conference Italcogen 2015
    He recorded this year strong interest the traditional Italcogen institutional conference held at the Ecomondo-Key Energy in Rimini on 5 November us
    initiative entitled "Energy efficiency, first fuel for Europe, focus on industry", following the recent European panel report EEFIG (links) mentioned Italcogen is "country team" for Italy.

  • Assess the energy efficiency of pumps and pump units - Background and Methodology

    "Assessing the Energy Efficiency of Pumps and Pump Units - Background and Methodology", is a publication written by Prof. Bernd Stoffel (TUV Darmstadt) in collaboration with Europump.

  • Italcogen conference - November 5 2015, Rimini

    Great interest and participation of the public to the traditional conference organized by Italcogen at Key Energy 2015 Rimini.

    Title of "Energy efficiency, first fuel for Europe, focus on industry"

  • Thermo evolution: on new rules to new opportunities

    With a Press conference has opened a series of initiatives to disseminate new measures and European regulations on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling.

    watch the video

  • Seminar on "Energy Performance Contract: The Winemakers"

    An unmissable opportunity to update for all professionals in the energy sector to be able to enter into contracts consistent with the legislation in force, which provides for payments between customers and suppliers are bound to the benefits actually obtained.

  • Lot 30 - Electric motors - First draft Regulation

    Inside the Lot 30 of Ecodesign Directive electric motors not included in the Regulations 640 / 2009 (and its amendment with 4 / 2014 Regulations)are being studied.

    The preparatory study is finished before the summer and has now begin the regulatory process within the European Commission, which will lead to the publication of a new regulation on electric motors.

  • Seminar Italcogen Smart Energy Expo 2014

    ITALCOGEN organizes a professional seminar on Cogeneration and Heat Recovery: success factors in Energy Efficiency projects, addressed to engineers, surveyors and experts in the Energy sector.

  • Ecodesign: WP 2015-2017

    As part of the preparatory study for the drafting of eco Woking Plan 2015-2017 they have been developed and are available at the following link http://www.ecodesign-wp3.eu/documents the first 3 chapters (task).

  • Webinar COGEN Europe

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  • Members and product categories list

    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.