• ANIMA and ICIM free seminar - Milan, 12 April, 10 hours

    ANIMA and ICIM, in collaboration with BellCERT (International Inspection and Certification Group), Chinese Certification Body, present a free seminar to illustrate legislation and requirements for the compliant and competitive circulation of MOCA products.

  • New WaterMark Scheme, Milan 13 April 2018

    ANIMA in collaboration with Saiglobal presents an information seminar on the new Watermark scheme for the product certification Australia, giving the necessary tools to understand the changes related to the products, the process of product certification and to identify the potential impact for business in Australia .

  • Smart Export 2018

    Anima annual event dedicated to the issues of internationalization.

  • Argentina Business Mission 11-14 December

    The Confindustria business mission in Buenos Aires will be held from 11 to 14 December, dedicated to the Energy sector (focusing on Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy).

  • CETA - Compliance Assessment Protocol

    The 21 September has entered into force - provisionally - only for the fundamental parts of the CETA 'Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement', a free trade treaty between the European Union and Canada that the European Parliament approved last February and which is now being rectified by the Member States of the Union.
    The European Union and Canada can now designate their conformity assessment bodies to evaluate and certify products exported to another country, in accordance with their respective requirements.
    Areas involved are those:

  • Country Focus SOUL Russia, Milan 17 May

    Soul Federation, in collaboration with ICE Agency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is organizing the next 17 May, a Russian Focus to support entrepreneurs in the new complexity of trade relations with this country.

  • Project SAFE ABROAD

    FOREIGN SAFE stems from the request of a Member Companies internationalization support targeted and measured the concrete needs of Support strategic, legal, financial and tax for companies in the engineering sector.

  • Critical points in the import-export operations to and from Iran

    SOUL members can see the documents forwarded by the Customs to the Federation SOUL a matter of urgency with regard to critical issues in the import and export to and from Iran.

    Available documents include the following:

  • Assembly members SOUL 9 October, awards to member companies

    Milan, October 9 2012 - On the occasion of the Annual General Meeting SOUL, respectively prizes will be awarded to companies that are associated at least 20 years, they have done export business for more than 50% of their production and those who continue to resist, indeed grow, despite the crisis.

  • Exports up

    "The figures are clear once again." - Says Sandro Bonomi, President SOUL - "We have a competitive industry, and value that is worth the investment and that continues to be forgotten. We need a plan for the use of mechanics made in Italy in our country abroad we know and appreciate us, while in Italy do not even know we exist. "- Continues Bonomi -" We need to act on combating counterfeiting industry, competitors occult and detrimental to the credibility of our products.

Companies and products

  • Members and product categories list

    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.