• ANIMA training workshop for ATEX Directive and flammable refrigerant gases - safety requirements

    Workshop "Flammable refrigerant gases: safety requirements according to

    the IEC EN 60335-2-24, IEC EN 60335-2-40 and IEC EN 60335-2-89 standards "

  • "Refrigerant gases: safety requirements" workshop in ANIMA Lounge at MCE 2018

    ANIMA training workshop

    "Refrigerant gas: safety requirements according to the standards
    IEC EN 60335-2-24, IEC EN 60335-2-40 and IEC EN 60335-2-89 "

    March 15 2018
    09 hours: 30-10: 00
    c / o ANIMA Lounge - Reception Pad. 14-18
    MCE 2018

    The workshop is free and open to the public, limited places.

    How to register on the attached poster

  • Assofoodtec / Manufacturers of MCE 2018 Refrigeration Systems

    ASSOFOODTEC / Refrigeration Plant Builders awaits you MCE-Exhibocomfort Convention Exhibition from 13 to 16 March 2018 in the ANIMA Lounge | PAD Reception 14 / 18 in Fiera Milano-Rho.

    14 March 2018 from 14: 00 to 15: 00: pcommercial sector resentation commercial refrigeration - 2017 Edition

    For registration to ANIMA events >>

  • F-gas: Reference values ​​updated for the three-year 2018-2020

    It is noted that the European Commission, through the Implementing Decision (attached), as part of the gradual reduction of hydrofluorocarbons on the EU market, has updated the reference values ​​for producers and importers who have reported the marketing of at least 100 tons of CO2 equivalent of fluorinated greenhouse gases. These values ​​will be valid for the three-year period 2018-2020.

  • ASSOFOODTEC and its associations to HOST 2017

    ASSOFOODTEC and its associations, as tradition, will be present at the 40 ° edition of the international event HOST 2017, world leader in the world of 'hospitality, foodservice, retail, GDO e hôtellerie which will be held from 20 24 to October 2017 at the Milan-Rho fairground.

  • Published UNI EN 16855-1: 2017 "Refrigerating Cells"

    Published 6 April 2017 the norm UNI EN 16855-1 "Refrigerating cells - Definition, thermal insulation performance and test methods - Part 1: Prefabricated refrigeration cell kit".

    The standard applies to prefabricated refrigeration cell kits and their components. Provides test or calculation methods for assessing thermal insulation performance under normal end use conditions.

  • Francesco Scuderi Deputy Secretary General of EUROVENT

    During the 60 ^ Annual Meeting of Eurovent, held in Versailles (France), ing. Francesco Scuderi was Appointed deputy secretary general of EUROVENT. This task, which has an immediate effect, starts a generational change within Eurovent: in the coming years, in fact, Scuderi will gradually assume the responsibilities of the current Secretary General Felix Van Eyken.

  • Refrigeration systems and heat pumps: published in April on the UNI EN 378 for safety and environment

    It has been published and is 13 April 2017 enters into force UNI EN 378 standard "Refrigeration systems and heat pumps - Requirements for safety and the environment"Which specifies the requirements for the safety of persons and property, provides guidance for environmental protection and establishes procedures for the operation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems and refrigerant recovery. The term "system refrigerant" used in this European standard includes heat pumps.

    The UNI EN 378: 2017 applies:

  • Alex Rasmussen President of the Eurovent Association for another year

    During the 60 ^ Annual Meeting of the European Association EUROVENT, held in Versailles, France, with the participation of over 20 Countries, has been reconfirmed for the Presidency Alex Rasmussen for another year.

  • F-GAS - Decree of the DPR Revision 43 / 2012 in implementing the new F-Gas Regulation 517 / 2014

    The day 23 March, the Ministry of Environment organized a meeting on the revision of national legislation in the field of F-Gas, during which it was presented and illustrated the scheme of new national decree that will replace the current DPR 43 / 2012.

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