• Gas Air Conditioning: a course to discover its potential

    Climgas, in collaboration with AiCARR - Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration, organizes two days of full time training to get to know and appreciate the advantages of Gas Air Conditioning.

    An opportunity to improve their knowledge and appreciate the skills of gas technologies, with the skills of Climgas teachers and within the prestigious AiCARR Training School.

  • the right energy for gas conditioning

    The MiSE - Ministry of Economic Development - published the third series of FAQs "CLARIFICATIONS IN THE FIELD OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDING"Concerning the application of the Ministerial Decrees of the 26 2015 (implementation of the 90 / 2013 Act, which in turn incorporates the European directive 2010 / 31 / CE on energy performance in buildings).
    In particular the 3.19 FAQ goes to fill the gap in the formula in the 1 Annex of Legislative Decree 28 / 2011, which unfairly discriminated the technology of gas conditioning.

  • Published the DPR 146 / 2018 that will implement the regulation F-Gas n. 517 / 2014

    On 7 General Series X. 9 of the 2019 January 146 has been published the DPR 2018 / 517, national decree that will implement the F-Gas 2014 / 43 regulation. The provision repeals the DPR 2012 / 24 and will enter into force the next 2019 January XNUMX.
    The main novelty introduced concerns the establishment of the fluorinated greenhouse gases database and of the equipment containing these gases (art.16).

  • Together for a more sustainable comfort

    Climgas, in collaboration with SNAM, presents the technologies for gas conditioning: Heat pumps with Endothermic Motor and Absorbers, for a sustainable future.

    Gas technologies benefit from many advantages including efficiency and environmental sustainability.

    From now on, with the introduction of biomethane in the network thanks to the leading role played by SNAM, they are also renewable! A step forward towards an increasingly comfortable and sustainable environment

  • New WaterMark Scheme, Milan 13 April 2018

    ANIMA in collaboration with Saiglobal presents an information seminar on the new Watermark scheme for the product certification Australia, giving the necessary tools to understand the changes related to the products, the process of product certification and to identify the potential impact for business in Australia .


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