• Tax incentives for investment in innovative start-ups and innovative SMEs

    In the Official Journal of the Italian Republic n. 156 of 5 July us the decree 7 May 2019 was published 'Methods of implementing tax incentives for investment in innovative start-ups and innovative SMEs'.

    The provision strengthens tax incentives for risk capital investments in innovative startups and extends incentives to all innovative SMEs.

    In particular, tax incentives for investments in startups and innovative SMEs consist of:

  • Incentive production of energy from renewable sources - Signed the FER1 Decree

    Having obtained the green light from the European Commission, it was signed by the Minister of Economic Development, the Hon. Di Maio, and the Minister of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the Hon. Costa, the FER1 Decree, which aims to support - through incentives and procedures aimed at promoting effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability - the production of energy from renewable sources to reach the European targets at 2030 defined in the Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate.

  • Growth Decree: published and in force

    On the Official Journal of the Italian Republic n.100 of the 30 April us was published Decree-Law 30 April 2019, n. 34 'Urgent measures for economic growth and for the resolution of specific crisis situations', entered into force on May 1.
    The Decree-Law deals with:
    fiscal measures for economic growth
    measures for the revival of private investments
    protection of made in Italy
    in addition to further growth measures.

    Among the measures introduced:

  • Growth Decree - CdM Approval

    On the occasion of the meeting of the Council of Ministers of last 23 April, the decree-law introducing urgent measures for economic growth and interventions in industrial sectors in crisis was approved, in second resolution. The provision must now be published in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic.
    Without prejudice to the need to wait for publication for further study, in the Growth Decree we should find:

  • Fund for sustainable growth - Ministerial Decree 21 November 2018

    On the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic no. 30 of the 5 February 2019 has been published the 21 Decree November 2018 'Assignment of resources of the Fund for sustainable growth to the interventions of reconversion and productive redevelopment of areas affected by situations of industrial crisis' assigns resources of the Fund for sustainable growth to interventions of reconversion and productive redevelopment of areas affected by industrial crisis situations as per Law no.

  • Draft Budget Law 2019 - Hyper-Dumping and New Sabatini

    Within the budget bill for the 2019, approved by the Council of Ministers and intended, before the landing in Parliament, the Head of State, we find some indications on the measure of the depreciation and on the New Sabatini.

    As for the measure of the depreciation (article 10) are proposed:

  • Nuova Sabatini - 3 Directorial Circulars August 2018 n. 269210

    The Directorate General for Business Incentives of the Ministry of Economic Development published the 3 District Circular 2018 n. 269210 'New Sabatini. Changes to the Circular n. 14036 of the 15 February 2017 ', accompanied by a series of substitute attachments.

    With this Circular the list of intangible assets related to the "4.0 Industry" National Plan has been adapted, in relation to which the maximum contribution can be recognized in the light of the changes introduced by the 2018 Budget Law (Article 1 paragraph 32).

  • Hyper-depreciation - Hyper-depreciation - Relevant costs and terms for acquiring the sworn appraisal

    With the Resolution n.152 / 2017 of 15 December us, the Inland Revenue intervened, providing further clarifications on the tax benefit of over-amortization, with particular reference to the determination of the relevant costs and the terms for the acquisition of the sworn appraisal by part of the beneficiary company.

    The following topics are therefore addressed in the Resolution:
    methods of treatment of the masonry works necessary for the installation of a machine;

  • Hyper-depreciation - Instructions for document fulfillment

    The Ministry of Economic Development issued, last December 15, the Circular Directory n.547750 which provides indications regarding the content and methods of drafting:
    of the sworn appraisal or certificate of conformity
    the declaration with self-certification value
    acts that the 2017 Budget Law has identified as necessary for access to the benefit of hyper-depreciation.

    The District Circular also reports three related standard schemes:

  • The pumps in the 4.0 industry. In-depth commentary ASSOPOMPE

    On March 30 it was published Circular no. 4 / E (available here), Prepared jointly by the Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Economic Development, with fiscal and technical explanations for the correct application of Super and Hyper Amortization.

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