• Technical training for maintenance closures

    Assoferma in partnership with UMAN ICIM and promotes training courses for maintenance technicians fire doors (MPTF).

  • MEST - Introductory course to the certification of the figure of the maintenance technician profession extinguishers Uman - ICIM

  • Extinguishing Agents Group

    The Extinguishing Agents Group has the purpose to promote the knowledge of characteristics of the different types of extinguishers and the correct way of use.

  • Services

    SPREAD the culture of fire safety

    PROMOTE AND SUPPORT the information and training of professionals

    for the development of technical standards and regulations for market

    with the Institutions to defend the sector

    BECOME a reference point for the market

  • Group Maintainers

    Group Maintainers

    Change in top management Maintainers Uman.

    At its meeting held last 30.06.2011, Associates elected as Coordinator Mr. Christmas Mozzanica, which leaves the function of Coordinator area and northern Italy just to Mr. Di Marino.
    Always a change in the sign of the continuity of the objectives, commitment and innovation.
    In fact, in the last two years he has completed three projects of high importance:

  • extinguishing agents

    The group's objective is to promote the knowledge of the characteristics of various types of existing fire extinguishing agents and, consequently, the various possible methods of use in function of the type of fire on which they must intervene.

    The Group has drafted the "Guide Uman use of extinguishing agents."

  • Why join?

    Join UMAN means joining a group of companies that are committed, through its activities, to provide the quality assurance market, assist in proper selection and maintenance of the product and ongoing training programs. Adhering to UMAN each company will contribute to the continuous improvement and promotion
    dell'antincendio of culture.


  • Fire Prevention 2011 forum

    In conjunction with the Forum, the first will be presented Lines UMAN Guide for Proper Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment, Developed within the Maintainers UMAN Group, coordinated by Mozzanica Christmas.

    "The maintenance of fire protection systems is an essential element in the guarantee of maintenance of efficacy and efficiency of systems for the protection of persons, environment and property" He underlines the President UMAN Gianmario Malnati.

Companies and products

  • Members and product categories list

    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.