• Regulation (CE n.1907 / 2006 'REACH' - Second functioning report

    The European Commission has recently published the second report on the functioning of the Regulation (EC) no. 1907 / 2006 'REACH', as the result of an evaluation that, based on the principles of the so-called better regulation, had as its guiding principles 5 criteria: effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, consistency and added value.

  • Published the new ISO 45001 'Management systems for health and safety at work - Requirements and guidance for use'

    Last 12 March, UNI passed the new UNI ISO 45001 'Management systems for health and safety at work - Requirements and guidance for use', a standard that specifies the requirements for a management system for health and safety at work (OH & S) and provides guidance for its use, in order to allow organizations to provide safe and healthy workplaces, preventing injuries and illnesses related to work, and proactively improving its performance related to the management system OH & S.

  • News on the roads: signs and floors

    ASSOSEGNALETICA - the Association, which for more than 10 years represents in Confindustria the producers and distributors of vertical and horizontal road signs, which has always been active at the regulatory working tables in the UNI-Italian Standardization Body - was the protagonist of the Conference

  • Periodic checks of work equipment - New list of qualified entities

    With the Directorial Decree n. 3 of 16 January 2018, has been adopted the sixteenth list of authorized subjects for the carrying out of the periodic checks of the work equipment according to the article 71, paragraph 11, of the Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, n. 81 and subsequent modifications.

    The full text of the Directory Decree can be consulted to the following link.

  • New for REACH regulation

    The "Candidate List" has been updated by the European Chemicals Agency with 7 new substances: a list of substances that can have serious effects on human health or the environment, therefore included in Annex XIV of the REACH regulation.

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace - The European Directive on the subject of Carcinogens / Mutagens has been amended

    27 December 2017 published the 2017 / 2398 Directive (EU) on the protection of workers against risks arising from exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work.
    The Directive (EU) 2017 / 2398 (Official Journal of the European Union of 27 December 2017 L345 / 92) modifies the current 2004 / 37 / CE Directive on the subject, introducing changes to both the article and some annexes. The Directive will enter into force on the twentieth day following its publication in GUCE and Member States will have to transpose it by January 17 2020.

  • Fire Prevention - Extension of tourist-hotel accommodation activities

    With the Law n. 205 of 27 December 2017 'Budget Law 2018' (GURI n.302 of 29 December us) has been arranged (paragraph 1122) the extension to 30 June 2019 for the completion of the adaptation to the provisions of fire prevention for tourist accommodation activities - hotelier with over 25 beds, existing on the date of entry into force of the decree of the Minister of the Interior 9 April 1994 (GURI n.

  • General scheme for the regulatory framework of devices for handling loads intended for coupling with forklifts in the framework of the 2006 / 42 / CE Directive

  • 2000 / 14 / CE Directive 'External Noise' - Update Guidelines for the Implementation of the Directive

    The European Commission has updated the Guideline for the Implementation of the 2000 / 14 / EC Directive on Approximation of Member States' Legislation on Sound Emission
    Environmental protection of machines and equipment intended for outdoor operation.
    There were no substantial changes compared to the previous edition; The interventions were limited to:
    Updating the legislative references
    Updating references to European and international standards available
    Update useful links

  • REACH - ECHA opinion on the proposal to classify titanium dioxide as a carcinogen

    On June 9 June, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) made its views known on the proposal to classify titanium dioxide as a 1B carcinogen, presented by France in May 2016.
    The release is available at the following link.

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  • Members and product categories list

    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.