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Aqua Italian (Association of manufacturers and companies producing equipment for water treatment
primary) federated to Anima - Confindustria remember that the tap water in Italy has nothing to
inferior to that in the bottle and invites everyone to drink it as it already does the 74% of Italians (Source: Nielsen CRA 2010
for Aqua Italia).

(Milan) - The water from our taps is good, safe and controlled. The legislative decrees n.
31 / 2001 and n. 27 / 2002, implementation of the Directive 98 / 83 / CE, representing the reference standards for
the quality of water intended for human consumption. Indeed, the latter undergoes two types of
analytical control of chemical, physical and microbiological testing: interior, the responsibility of the manager
Integrated water service, carried out in laboratories, and outside, carried out by the Local Health
together with the local courts Harp [Source: Legambiente, march 2010].
The mandatory annual checks increase depending on the volume of water distributed each
day. For example, a pipeline that delivers each day between 100 and 1000 m³ of water and that
serves about 5000 inhabitants, it suffers 5 checks per year. For mineral water, instead, it is provided
an annual analysis (29 decree December 2003, article 3).
The parameters to be observed, therefore, are set and monitored by law and municipalities that fail to
respect may take up to three exemptions of three years each. In this period of
time network managers have to solve problems and communicate the state to
In most cases, however, the exceptions demanded in Italy are due to the characteristics
geological properties of soils and not to the problems of anthropogenic pollution. The water, in fact, crossing
rocks dissolves some substances in volcanic areas are especially arsenic and fluoride.
This does not mean that the water is toxic, in fact, the European limit is calculated on a consumption
2 of two liters per day for seventy years!
To secure an always perfect, however, it is sufficient to install the appropriate
home treatments addressing to specialized and competent companies. On the site
www.aquaitalia.it there is a list of all members working in full transparency and
correctness respecting the Code of Ethics drawn up in collaboration with the main Associations for
consumer protection.

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