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More and more businesses in Italy have treated tap water to their customers. Preferred choice
by 70% of Italians (Source: Nielsen CRA 2010 Italy for Aqua). A significant than is
changed the perception of Italians towards the water at zero kilometers.

(Milan) - Italians are increasingly aware of the environmental implications of their actions. To
this Italian 3 on 4 declare to drink treated and not tap drinking water. The data
emerges from a study on the propensity to consume zero-commissioned water
at the CRA Institute of AQUA ITALIA, Association of manufacturers and producers of plants
for primary water treatment, federated in ANIMA - Confindustria.
And 'Respondents were asked how they would behave if in commercial
they offered their treated drinking water. The 71,1% responded drinking it already regularly or that the
would drink again while only 28,9% said that would require bottled water.
Three quarters of Italians, therefore, enjoy the water in a jug, a sign that the countryside of
awareness implemented recently helped create a wider perception
positive attitude towards water at zero km.
The idea is reinforced by the fact that those who drink treated drinking water in the exercises
commercial, represent the 89,5% of those who have been drinking in the last 12 months
tap water treated and not. In fact, the new generations are more and more
aware of the potential of local water that allows significant savings
concretely decreasing the pollution due to the transport and storage of water in
Geographically, the citizens more aware and likely to drink tap water treated at the restaurant
is found in the north and central Italy, reaching about 3 4 of Italian. This data enables us
line with European trends and brings us closer to those of overseas, a trend that will be appreciated,
then, just by tourists in the coming weeks, will crowd our cities and the
seaside town. The restaurants and hotels along the boots offer a safe, economical
and respectful of the environment giving tourists the image of a modern and attentive nation
exploitation of natural resources of the territory.

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