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The propensity to tap water consumption and not treated in recent years in Italy is up sharply.
For 2011 then, thanks to the recent awareness campaigns activated on average, is expected to further
positive increase.

(Milan) - ITALY AQUA, (Association of manufacturers and companies producing equipment for the
primary water treatment) to federated SOUL (Confindustria), has always been committed to
disseminate correct water culture. The aim is also to enhance local resources and promote
the growth of a common feeling on a correct approach to the water resource and its treatment.
The Association, among other activities, commissions every two years to the Research Institute
CRA independent study on the propensity of Italian drinking water
drinking faucet treated and not. The results of the 2010 are really stunning and they have
showed an increasing trend in recent years 4. The data allows us to estimate an additional
increase over the 2011.
The research in question was based on a panel of individuals 2050 representative of the whole
national population, who were asked if they had been drinking treated drinking water and non-
12 in previous months. The result is surprising: the 74% of respondents claimed to have
drunk over the previous year. A steadily growing since if we consider that in 2006
the percentage was 70,4 2008% and stood at around 72%.
This steady increase indicates a strong desire for change on the part of Italians
have always held the world record for the per capita consumption of bottled water (over
194 liters per year).
Recently, thanks to recent campaigns, spread a correct
information, so citizens have begun to understand that, in most cases,
tap water has nothing to envy to her cousin in the bottle.
Extremely encouraging, then, is the frequency with which respondents report having
drank tap water and not treated. Who says drinking it always or almost always
reaches 46%, showing an increase of 6% compared to 2008. On the contrary, those who declare
I had never drunk or drinking it in rare cases is around 31% with a decrease
the 6% compared to two years earlier.
Exciting data, therefore, that reveal the growing trend already registered in the last years and that
confirm, also for 2011, the spread of the strong desire to enhance water resources
in the area thereby increasing the sensitivity of citizens towards a new and
modern water culture.

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