Aqua Water Festival in Italy in Genoa

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The first water festival Italian chose Genoa as a stage and, for the occasion, Aqua Italy is
stepped in, among others, to inaugurate a new public fountain and the presentation of the second
edition of the Operation Manual on water kiosks.

A big party long 7 days to celebrate the one and only drink that can not be waived:
water. In addition 30 appointments that will intervene 120 speakers ready to celebrate it. Also
Aqua Italian (Association of manufacturers and companies producing equipment for the treatment of
primary water) Federated to SOUL - Confindustria, participates in numerous events in the
the person of the President, Lorenzo Tadini.
First of all, most important and exclusive, is the event where it was presented in September 4
The second edition of the Manual operating on the Water Kiosks born from a comparison of
Aqua Italian, Federutility and the National Institute of Health. The project, updated to 2011, is the
basic tool to address a phenomenon that is rapidly growing.
In fact, more and more Italian local administrations are deciding to start programs
installation, within its squares, public drinking fountains regulated and monitored
thereby protecting both the pockets of citizens and the surrounding environment. To date there are more than 350
installations capable of delivering from the 2 3 m³ per day of water, beautifying the city as true
and its urban furniture fully customizable in terms of color and graphics.
To emphasize is the importance of the Kiosks as catalysts in terms of aggregation
Social, born to a collective enjoyment that is more and more appreciated by the citizens. This is
reason why the Municipality of Genoa has inaugurated yesterday the new Water Kiosk in
Loading Square. The installation offers Genoese citizens chilled still water and sparkling water
untreated because, as pointed out by Carlo Senesi, City Councillor for Sustainable cycle of
Water, "the water of Genoa is a viable alternative to the commercialized and, with the fountain
public, we want to communicate to citizens and tourists that our water is good and should be valued. "
The research commissioned by CRA of 2010 ITALY AQUA on a sample of individuals and 2500
Representative national survey provides results in line with the intentions declared by the
town of Genoa. In fact, the analysis shows that the 57,3% of respondents are interested in
use the service. Until a few years ago this possibility was known mostly only to
professionals, today almost half of our countrymen is aware, with precision,
chance to say goodbye to the old crates of bottled water by procuring
the modern facilities that many mayors have chosen to install in their city (48,6% s
the existence of the service).
The news continues, as the fountains become a vehicle of communication between the reality
and local citizens, through campaigns to promote awareness of water and through
the posting of social communication campaigns at the same kiosks.
I have even more high-tech LCD screens and, in some cases, interactive systems

like the modern touch screen monitor.

More and more Italians, therefore, can enjoy disbursement public, free or on payment of a minimum CLE fountains back then in vogue, not as a vintage version of their ancestors, but as
evolution of the public service which carried out until a few decades ago. Also, the water
sprayed from kiosks is even more secure because "every night the machine is sanitized -
as stated by Marco Santandrea of ​​Cillichemie in relation to the installation of Piazza
Loading - and, moreover, to the point of use is applied to a special ray treatment
ultraviolet to avoid possible retrocontaminazioni ".
The Water Kiosks, in particular, promote the concept of sustainability as
are powered by mains water treated which, therefore, can be defined as "a
zero kilometers. " In fact, these structures contribute to the reduction of investments and
operating costs of municipal government for the recovery and recycling of
plastic. "This is the main reason why the phenomenon of returning to the fontanelle is
proving a huge success. Just think that in 2010 - adds Lorenzo Tadini,
President of Italy Aqua - there were about 200 installations while today we are about
380. This fact makes us assume this to reach by the end of 500 2012. "
For example, the annual harvest of 300.000 liters of water from a kiosk allows a
saving 200.000 PET bottles 1,5 liters equivalent to 60.000 kg of PET in less
dispose of or initiate recovery. It follows, therefore, that the lack of production of the same
saves 1.380 kg of CO2 and the failure to issue 7.800 kg of CO2 for
transport (estimated figure is an average of 350 km).
Data exciting, then, that make the theme "Water Kiosks" increasingly topical seen
the steady increase in the appreciation by the public that invites the experts to
reinforce their efforts to create installations usable, eco-friendly and spread all over the
italiano.ontributo territory, refined drinking water, chilled and carbonated.

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