World Earth Day: let's drink a toast with the treated tap water and not

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On the occasion of World Water Day, AQUA ITALY Association intervenes proposing to drink
Drinking tap water treated and not for the whole day as it is already used to do the 74% of residents
in the Bel Paese.

(Milan) - The 22 April is celebrated around the world the World Earth Day (Earth
day) to emphasize the need to protect our planet and to raise awareness of the great
audience on environmental issues and stimulate them to participate actively in support of the environment.
Water is one of the hot topics of the moment also following the alarming data revealed by WWF
in "Living Planet Report" declaring that in 2030, due to the current consumption rates, will be
Double necessary resources than the current.
In this regard Italians were ranked as the top consumer of mineral water
in Europe and third in the world. This causes a high CO2 entry for road transport
since only 18% of bottles are transported by rail. In addition, for the production of the same
They are used about 350 thousand tons of PET, with a consumption of tons 665mila
oil and a greenhouse gas emission of about 910 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent [Source:
That's because the tap water is a concrete choice towards an environment more sustainable. In
in fact, this direction has expressed the 74% of the Italians who declare they have drunk
12 in the last months of the treated drinking water tap and no [Source: CRA Nielsen 2010 for
AQUA ITALY (Association of construction companies and manufacturers of treatment plants
of primary waters) federated in SOUL - Confindustria].
For this, AQUA ITALY Association invites all Italians to make a small
gesture sustainable and choose only tap water treated and not for the World Day
of the Earth. Symbolic action that, if shared, will be the best way to toast the long
life of our planet.

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