World Water Day: actions shared by a concrete goal

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On the occasion of World Water Day, AQUA ITALIAN ASSOCIATION (ANIMA - Confindustria)
reminds us how important it can be to choose the tap water in the interests of protection of resources
the world's water.

(Milan) - AQUA ITALIA (Association of manufacturers and manufacturers of plants for the
primary water treatment) Federated to SOUL - Confindustria, has always been committed to
provide accurate information to the citizens in order to promote a true culture
water that will guarantee the next generations a better world.
Choose tap water is a useful way to contribute to a brighter future and rich in resources
drinking water for all. Prefer the water in the bottle to her cousin at home contributes to
CO2 decrease in emissions. In fact, to produce the bottles are
used about 350 thousand tons of PET, with a consumption of 665mila tons of oil and
emission of greenhouse gases by about 910mila tons of CO2 equivalent. In addition, only a
third of the plastic bottles are collected separately and for recycling, while
the remaining two thirds end in landfills [Source: Legambiente].
These data confirm that the tap water is a concrete choice towards an environment more
sustainable. In this direction, in fact, the 74% of Italians who have declared themselves have expressed themselves
drunk in the last month 12 tap water treated and untreated [Source: CRA Nielsen
2010 for AQUA ITALIA]. The water at home is good and safe but guaranteed in the parameters of the law only
up to the counter. To ensure their quality to the point of use is important to carry out checks and,
If necessary, apply the appropriate treatments, turning to specialized companies and
Therefore, in your own little one, everyone can contribute to the reduction of pollution and, of
consequently, to preserve the environment from atmospheric overheating, the first cause of the
reduction of water resources in the world. That's why a simple choice and respectful
environment, such as preferring the house on bottled water, treating it or not, can
become a decisive gesture if conscientiously shared by everyone.

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