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The propensity to consume tap water in Italy boasts unprecedented adhesion,
also confirmed by new statistics ISTAT World Water Day 2011.

(Milan) - ITALY AQUA For several years, the Association of manufacturers and companies producing
installations for the treatment of primary water, Federated to SOUL - Confindustria, monitors the
propensity of Italian consumption of drinking water from the tap. In 2010 the data has
covered the 74% of respondents.
The results were amazing so that in 2010 there has been an increase of four
percentage points compared to four years earlier. A true revolution in the country until a few
year ago marked the record in the field of bottled mineral water.
There is also increased frequency of use: an individual out of three states to drink it "always" passing
by 40% of the 2008 46% of 2010 [Source: Nielsen CRA for Aqua Italian].
The change of direction must also be progressive abandonment of distrust of the water of
faucet. The statistics ISTAT reported, 10 in recent years, a trend more than positive: the
families with a negative judgment error on the pass, in fact, from 16,2 2001% in the
10,8% in 2010. Even families that include among its members one or more members who do not
do not express confidence in tap water decreased from 42 2001% in the
32,8% in 2010.
The reasons why Italians to appreciate the water at zero km, treated or not, are, in
First, the taste (29,8%) followed by higher perceived control with respect to mineral
bottle (20,4%), the convenience of not having to carry crates of water from the supermarket up
at home (20,2%), the cost savings ranging from 300 1000 at times compared to the bottle
(16,3%) and attention to the environment (13%).
As a result, it decreases the propensity to consume mineral water: in the 2009 63,4%
Italian families has acquistatata against 67,6% in 2000 and 64,2% in 2008. The
spatial distribution is rather uniform: it goes from 65,2% of households in the South, to
62,5% of those in the North and in the Centre 62,8% [Source: ISTAT].
Exciting data that confirm the widespread desire to exploit water resources present
the territory thereby increasing the sensitivity of citizens to a new and modern culture

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