Hydrica 2011: ITALY AQUA confirms the wait for the new market rules

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AQUA ITALY (Association of construction companies and manufacturers of plants for water treatment
primary) federated in SOUL - Confindustria at the conference "The treatment of drinking water at the users
domestic "underlining the need and expectation for the publication of new legislation for
regulate the actions of the chain of water treatment.

(Milan) - In conjunction with Termoidraulica Climate, 30 from March to April 2 2011 was held in
Padua "Hydrica, the International Water Technology and Environment." Inside the
Fair took place the conference "The treatment of drinking water at the user
domestic law "during which the evolution of legislation on the subject was discussed
Household water treatment and the obligations and responsibilities of all actors
supply chain.
The future and long-awaited Decree of the Ministry of Health that will replace the DM 443 / 90
It covers not only the domestic but also the treatment of the private exercise treatments
commercial and so-called "Water Kiosks." Each manufacturer and distributor shall
ensure the performance of the plant throughout the life cycle of the product and must provide to the
consumer all the information needed for proper maintenance. To this purpose, in fact,
those who purchase a home water treatment will become responsible for its correct
Lorenzo Tadini, President of the AQUA ITALIA Association with his speech highlighted
the complexity of the water theme and proposed to the audience a reflection on the different
existing laws on the various types of water (tap and mineral) which, although
competitors, do not have to respect the same parameters of law; an all-Italian strangeness.
"AQUA ITALY - continued the President - from 2004 has a Code of Ethics, drafted
involving consumer associations, to ensure that the sale takes place in the
compliance with the existing legislation and that it is always guaranteed after-sales maintenance.
We are therefore waiting for the new DM that finally reward those who, like our associates, work
on the market correctly ".
In fact, for over 30 years, the Association has been working to spread a correct culture of
water treatment through direct communication to the general public and for some months
has leaned even on the most popular social networks like facebook and twitter where he found a
great interest in the theme of "treatment" indagni confirmed by the market recently
made that confirmed that 74% of Italians today drink always or almost
always the treated tap water or less.
One thing absolutely unimaginable only a few years ago, a clear sign of change
taking place in our consumer culture and the weakening of historical habits they
made Italy leap to the top of the world rankings for bottled mineral consumption ... now
a given increasingly bland and weak that contains the boot in line with other European countries.

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