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From research commissioned by CRA 2010 ITALY AQUA (Confindustria) show that the propensity
consumption of tap water treated or not, between the 18 35 years and is around 70%. The figure does
think of a future generation that can boast a totally favorable approach to water use
at zero km.

It is well known that new generations are much more attentive and sensitive to green theme and inform
more on topics such as economic and energy savings. Even water does not
exception, in fact, young people prefer tap water, the choice, by far, the most economic and
eco-friendly. The figure emerges from the study, commissioned the Institute CRA independent of
AQUA ITALY (Association of construction companies and manufacturers of treatment plants
of primary waters) federated in SOUL - Confindustria.
The result is quite interesting: among the 18 35 years and the average of the boys who
prefer the tap water treated and does not exceed 70%. Among these
those whose taste always or almost always is around 44%. The main
why is chosen tap water by the younger generation is the taste (more than
48%) followed by convenience (over the 28%). From a choice often looking conditioning
economic, seen as a saver mode (bottled water from coast to 300 1000
times more than tap water treated), it has gone to the realization that the water of the
tap is healthy but is especially good, placing then, from this point of view, on the same
level of those in the bottle.
The propensity is confirmed when it comes to restaurants or hotels where more than 71%
of respondents claimed to drink or want to drink untreated drinking water. Furthermore, most of the 46%
of the interviewees declares that they know the Water Kiosks. The latter are the evolution in
modern key of the ancient fountains that supply refined, chilled or sparkling drinking water
in the main Italian municipalities. It is interesting to note that in 37,3% of cases the municipality of residence
does not have the service yet but the 26,6% of the interviewees declare that if the municipality did so
would use it for sure.
A new future is, therefore, for the next generation of Italian thanks to which you are
forming a new and modern culture of water that will lead them to really use
aware of local water resources.

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