The heat is coming. We drink so much water from the tap ...

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The summer season is upon us and experts recommend drinking more and more. The preferred choice is the Italian
tap water: comfortable, practical and friend of the portfolio.

(Milan) - Upon arrival of the first warm the advice is to always drink lots of water to rebalance
liquids lost. From an interesting study focused on the propensity to drink drinking water
tap, commissioned by the Institute CRA ITALY AQUA (Association of Companies
constructors and producers of primary water treatment plants) federated at ANIMA -
Confindustria, it emerges that tap water is the favorite of Italians. The 74% of the
Italian, in fact, usually drink water of the tap and not treated. The research was conducted over
a panel of individuals from 2050 18 representative age of the entire Italian population.
In particular, it emerges that the 71,1% drinks it in hotels, bars or restaurants, a sign that the
awareness campaigns implemented recently, have helped to create a wider
positive perception towards water at zero km. ITALY AQUA also published the
awareness campaign, on air on facebook, twitter and google, to emphasize
just that "the 74% of Italians drink tap water and not treated".
The tendency is reinforced by the fact that those who drink treated drinking water in
businesses, representing 89,5% of those who drank in the last 12
months treated tap water and not. In fact, the new generations are more and more
aware of the potential of the water of the territory that allows considerable savings
declining economic concretely pollution due to transport and storage
of bottled water.
Three Italians out of four, therefore, choose to drink tap water for the convenience of having it
always at home or in any commercial operation. Drinking water, then, is always
available, fresh and very low cost (tap water costs from 300 to 1000 times
less than that in the bottle). Variables of interest when analyzed in the context of economic
Current international.

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