Lazio: the 85% drink tap water, treated and not

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AQUA ITALY (Association of construction companies and manufacturers of plants for water treatment
primary, Federated to SOUL - Confindustria), presents new research data on the CRA 2012
'Propensity to consumption of water from the tap, treated or not, in Lazio.

(Milan) - ITALY AQUA is committed to promote a "culture of water"
conscious and, in this context, since 2006 periodically carry out a photograph of consumption
water of the mayor in Lazio. The CRA Nielsen research showed that the 2012 85%
declares to drink tap water, treated and not.
Just over half of respondents choose the water at zero km habitually, in fact, the 52% say
always drink it almost 24,4% while the drink occasionally and the 8,5% rarely drinks it.
The main reasons why the Cousin prefer to have comfort in the bottle (31,5%) followed
taste (28,6%) and the lower cost (16,4%).
In particular, then, the 23% of the interviewees declared to have at least one treatment device
water in their homes. Foremost are the reverse osmosis system, chosen
from 9,1% of respondents followed by filtering systems for the elimination of chlorine, which is
attest all'8,8%. The filter jugs win over 4,1% of the vote and finally the 1% say
to possess a refrigeration system or carbonation. In detail, 56% of those who have a
Water refining system has subscribed periodic maintenance
only 4,7% did not know the existence of this opportunity.
Finally, it was investigated the phenomenon of Water Kiosks, the evolution of ancient fountains
that today deliver, depending on the type, chilled water, sparkling water or filtered. Uses or would use
(If they propose a common reference) the service the 47,9% of respondents while among the
residents in municipalities that have not proposed the service, only the 5,9% in case of activation not
It would join too.

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