Long live the appliances ... with the treated water

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In a period of "savings plans" everyone in his small, tries to optimize its economy
housekeeper. That is why ensuring the appliances healthy longevity can contribute to savings

(Milan) - In a time when the costs increase, any suggestion aimed at saving
everyday is becoming more valuable. To improve the household, for example, is useful
also guarantee the longevity of the appliances, improving their efficiency and reducing their efficiency
energy expenditure.
"Thanks to the home water treatment systems - said Lorenzo Tadini, President of
ITALY AQUA, Association of manufacturers and companies producing equipment for the treatment
primary water, Federated to SOUL - Confindustria - you can save on
daily expenses. For example, decreasing the water hardness with a water softener, it deletes
the old problem of scale due to the scale that often cause problems, sometimes
irreversible, installations of appliances. "
This allows you to use less detergent, by purchasing a total quantity
less, and use less electricity due to the greater efficiency of appliances.
Just think, in fact, that every millimeter of encrustation due to the presence of limestone
water due to the loss of 10% energy efficiency and the 60% of soap
used does not contribute to the removal of dirt, but is "neutralized" by the limestone. Finally,
it should also be stressed that a lower quantity of detergents released into the environment guarantees
even greater respect for nature.
Many, therefore, good reason to achieve in 2012 a family budget and also give a positive
hand environment. It is crucial in these cases, do not rely on the do-it-yourself but contact only
serious and qualified personnel able to also ensure proper periodic maintenance
of plants

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