School canteens only products at zero km. including water

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Children return to school will find a lot of news in their canteens. Are preferred, in fact, foods km
zero as well as water. Good, cheap and environmentally friendly.

(Milan) - This week the schools from all over Italy reopen and will have to deal with cuts
personnel and cost reduction. Not all of the silver lining in that many
institutions have decided to focus on products for canteens zero km enhancing the
riches of the land and thus limiting the transport costs.
In line with this trend placing the treated tap water or not. This option was
that every school can choose to offer its students by ensuring a good drink,
controlled, economical and always available. In fact, in addition to ensuring a saving
concrete economic (costs from the 300 1000 times less than bottled cousin),
also reduces the cost of waste disposal of institutions.
E 'known, in fact, that the plastic bottles represent a share of 5% of waste from
from separate collection (Report Ispra 2009). In particular, 1 kg of PET (25 bottles
1,5 liters) of oil and consumed kg 2 17,5 liters of water and then releases into the atmosphere:
- 40 g of hydrocarbons;
- 25 g of sulfur oxides;
- 20 g of nitrogen oxides;
- 18 g of carbon monoxide;
- 2,3 kg of carbon dioxide, gas responsible for the greenhouse effect.
Environmental protection is one of the aspects that emerged from the study of federated to AQUA ITALY
ANIMA - Confindustria, carried out by the independent institute CRA, water consumption
treated drinking water and not in Italy. The analysis showed that the 74% of respondents has
12 made use in recent months and that the choice was based primarily on the taste (29,8%),
on closer scrutiny than bottled water (20,4%), and its attention to
the environment (13%).

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