Water treatment: new rules, more protection for the consumer

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A few days after the publication of the new DM of 25 7 2012 February, ITALY AQUA (Federated to SOUL -
Confindustria) mentions the importance for consumer protection that today can buy in total
Security system of any refining water. Fall within the scope of the decree
also filter jugs.

(Milan) - After several years of activity the DM 443 / 90 retires. In their place they come
introduced the new "Regulations concerning technical equipment aimed at
treatment of water for human consumption "in which domestic treatments are included
in offices and accommodation facilities, etc.. etc.. The water treatments used in bars and
restaurants fall under the current legislation on food safety.
The innovations introduced by the Decree of the Ministry of Health are particularly interesting. In fact,
the producer and the distributor are required to put on the market equipment which, if
used and maintained in accordance with the instructions, to ensure the performance
declared for the entire life cycle of the product and that the water is always complies with the requirements
established by the DLN31 02.02.2001 and smi
To ensure that the final consumer can evaluate the performance of the product, manufacturers
and sellers should draw up guidelines and instruction manuals for installation in a clear and comprehensive
in addition to always emphasize the importance of proper maintenance carried out by competent companies
which is entrusted with the design, installation and testing of equipment. In
Specifically, in case of purchase of water filter jug, the consumer will be required to follow directions
use and maintenance provided in the instruction booklet delivered at the time of purchase.
Consumers today are protected placing on the market of the product and its
promotion (which may contain only arguments related to the performance of the equipment
based on national and international literature and scientific data) until the end of his
In spite of misinformation circulating about, so, the DM of 25 7 2012 February is
extremely important in particular for the final consumer that now has the certainty
to purchase a water treatment system, water filter jug ​​included, fully
compliant with the new regulation and the requirements Italian and European, without exception

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