Treat the water well, you should! Confirmed 55% bonus for 2011

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With the approval of the Stability Law, for 2011 was confirmed the extension of the deduction
tax 55% for the rehabilitation of buildings. Includes fantasy treatments
domestic water.

(Milan) - Last December 9, the Senate definitively approved the Stability Law for the
2011 accepting the amendment to the budget came from the House. Here, then, that the
55% tax deduction for the rehabilitation of buildings continues until 31
December 2011. For this year, therefore, does not change anything except for the doubling of the number
the annual rate of which will spread the benefit, or ten years instead of five.
An important opportunity, which also affects the jurisdiction of AQUA ITALY
(Association of manufacturers and manufacturers of water treatment plants
primary) Federated to SOUL (Confindustria) in reference to the improvement of the efficiency of
heating systems (boilers) and water treatments.
The heating and production of hot water are, in fact, areas relevant for
energy consumption and emissions which account for about 60% (in primary energy) on
total consumption of the civil sector.
In this regard, the President of AQUA ITALIA, Lorenzo Tadini, underlines how "installing in the
its a small boiler system for issuing polyphosphates is possible to save
annual budget of almost 20% on generally costs for heating,
estimated 250 / 300 euro per family. This also ensures the full efficiency of its
plants by preventing the formation of limestone. "
In fact, limestone is one of the main causes of loss of efficiency in the systems of
heating. "With the water treatment is possible - adds the President of AQUA ITALY
- "A recovery efficiency of boilers and between 15 17% / year which you must add the 5 / 6%
in the heating circuit. This results in a double benefit for the consumer: a
decrease in the dispersion of energy and a significant cost savings in the bill. "
Improving the energy efficiency of their facilities, so it is even more convenient. Not only that,
plants operate with greater efficiency, reducing energy consumption and costs in the bill,
but the action is also incentivized by the state.

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