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Aqua Italy, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, remember the importance of preferring tap water treated and
not at home and at the restaurant. A conscious, safe and environmentally friendly choice.

(Milan) - With the arrival of the holidays, Italians come to terms with their own portfolios as
shown by the Confesercenti-Swf that the crisis and fears for the future will 2
Italian 3 to contract on their Christmas shopping [Source: Thomson Financial]. Prefer the tap water for the
their table, is the smart choice that saves you from the 300 1000 times
more than bottled water.
ITALY AQUA, Association of manufacturers and companies producing equipment for the treatment
of primary waters, federated in SOUL - CONFINDUSTRIA, remember that drinking water at zero km
also facilitates the disposal of waste, already strained from the packaging of gifts
In this regard, the President of AQUA ITALIA, Lorenzo Tadini, recalls that "for the production of the
bottles of mineral water - as declared by Legambiente - are used around 350
thousand tons of PET, with a consumption of 665mila tons of oil and emission of
greenhouse gases of about 910 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent ".
This Christmas, then, we drink water from home, our good ally against the high cost of living,
environmentally friendly and always available. In fact, arrive comfortably at home after
very numerous analytical, chemical-physical and bacteriological checks carried out up to the counter. For
improve the organoleptic characteristics of the water of the house, just turn to companies
specialized and competent to perform the necessary treatments and to carry out the correct

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