Maurizio Giuli confirmed as president of UCIMAC

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Maurizio Giuli has been confirmed as President of UCIMAC, the Association of professional espresso coffee machine manufacturers and bar equipment, headed by Assofoodtec / ANIMA Confindustria. He will be leading the sector for the next two years.

Born in 1968, Giuli graduated in Economics at the University of Ancona. He has carried out study experiences abroad in the field of internationalization of companies, first in Paris and then in London, where he obtained the Master Science in "International Business". In 2001 he obtained a Ph.D. in "Business Economics and Management". In 1998 it has started the collaboration relationship in the administration office with Nuova Simonelli, then it becomes Export Area Manager for the markets of North and East Europe and from 2002 it has the marketing direction of the company. Giuli is also an adjunct professor at the Polytechnic University of the Marche in Ancona and has been Professor of Business Economics at the University of Camerino.

Chairman Giuli commented on the economic situation in the sector: "The sector is experiencing a new phase characterized by a strong consolidation of the coffee market and the repercussions it generates in the upstream sectors, including that of espresso coffee machines. Made in Italy needs to confirm its leadership in the new scenario and if possible to exploit it to conquer new competitive spaces. There are many projects that we are carrying out within the association, from the definition of a protocol of energy classification for professional products, which we are also doing in the European context, to studies and analysis on food safety. These projects were launched at the initiative of the association itself, anticipating any regulatory constraint, however non-existent, precisely to respond ever more and better to new market sensitivities. Future competition will increasingly play on the ability to innovate and in this context knowing how to provide new stimuli and new skills to the sector is the lifeblood to allow companies to be increasingly stronger and more competitive ». Giuli continues: "We have associated cultural initiatives with this kind of initiative. It is in fact important to educate the consumer to a more evolved and conscious consumption of coffee and for this purpose UCIMAC, in collaboration with the Coffee Promotion Consortium, last May launched the Milano Coffee Festival, which allowed consumers to learn about the various facets of the coffee product and at the same time to live and explore a new way to consume this drink. An initiative that has aroused particular interest and enthusiasm among the participants ".

Italy, home of the espresso, is a great protagonist on the world coffee scene: this is the starting point of the association to consolidate what has already been done and above all to launch new initiatives.

ASSOFOODTEC represents the Italian Association of Machine Builders, Plants, Equipment for Production, Processing and Food Preservation, composed of seven distinct production areas: Slicers, Mincer and Related Manufacturers; ASSOCOLD - Builders Technologies for the Cold; Meat Processing Machines Manufacturers - COMACA; Manufacturers of Espresso Coffee Machines and Bar Equipment - UCIMAC; Manufacturers of Food Industry Machines - UCMA; Builders Washing Equipment; Vending Technologies Builders. An associative reality that stands as a representative of the technologies for the food industry that invoice approx. 5 billions of euros, of which 66% is destined for foreign markets.

ANIMA Confindustria Meccanica Varia and Affine is the industrial organization of category that, within Confindustria, represents the companies of the varied and similar mechanics, a sector that employs 214.000 employees for a turnover of 47,4 billions of euros and an export / turnover share of the 60,8 % (data referring to the 2017 final). The macro-sectors represented by ANIMA are: machines and plants for the production of energy and for the chemical and oil industry - assembly of industrial plants; logistics and goods handling; water and food technology and equipment; technologies and products for the industry; plants, machines produced for the building industry; machines and systems for human and environmental safety; metallic constructions in gender.

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