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The last May 14 was elected, the new president of the Association for the biennium 2015-2016 as part of the Shareholders CICOF - Italian Committee of Industrial Ovens Manufacturers -.
And 'the Engineer Roberto Millone, SMS MEER SpA (Tarcento, Udine).
The newly elected President succeeds Vincenzo Ferri which go the thanks of Cicof for his active contribution to driving the association. In its activities, Roberto Millone will be joined by two Vice Presidents: Michele Bendotti (Bendotti Forni Industriali SpA) and Enrico Marranini (ICMI Srl).
Roberto Millone, born in Genoa in 1953 degree in chemical engineering, is in the field of heating furnaces from 1980, first in Italimpianti, then in Centro Combustion. 1992 from working in SMS Meer which holds the position of General Manager of reheating Furnace & Heat Treatment Department.
On his appointment, the Millone Engineer said: "In this particular delicate moment when the Italian economy in general but in the specific sector of industrial furnaces are glimpsing the beginning of recovery, my job will be to to support and assist companies in their activities both on the domestic market and internationalization. I will continue the path already taken by my predecessor, in broadening the membership base as much as possible, so as to make our association representing companies increasingly strong and to feel their concerns to the institutions. "
After the success of the renewed participation in the two previous editions of Made in Steel in Milan, Cicof in 2015's agenda a new participation in the Fair (20-22 May 2015) which this year will take advantage of the great appeal of the public offered by the combination and the spatial proximity of EXPO.
Internationally, Cicof finds its representation in the European association Tchehoff (Comité Européen des Constructeurs de Fours Industriels et d'Equipments Thermiques) which cooperates. Upcoming events planned: Fair Thermprocess (16-20 2015 June) which will see the joint participation of Cicof and Tchehoff and Tchehoff Assembly (Helsinki, October 9 2015).

CICOF - Italian Committee builders industrial furnaces
The committee was formed in Cicof 1973 collaboration with ANIE (National Association of Electrotechnical and Electronic Industries). Currently it represents some of the most highly qualified Italian companies operating in the sector "Industrial furnaces". Member companies to Cicof based on the type of product can be traced and divided into five main macro sectors of membership following: lime kilns; furnaces for ceramics; furnaces; ovens for incineration of waste; furnaces for reheating / heat treatment. On an international Cicof it adheres to Tchehoff (Comité Européen des Constructeurs de Fours Industriels et d'Equipments Thermiques), an organization that brings together the national associations of the main European Member States.
ANIMA - Federation of National Associations of Mechanical and Engineering - is the organization of industrial category, within Confindustria, representing companies of the mechanical and similar, a sector that employs 194.000 40 employees and a turnover of billions of euro and a share of export / turnover 58% (data refer to the figure 2013). The macro-sectors are represented by ANIMA: machines and plants for the production of energy and for the chemical and oil-assembly of industrial, logistics and handling of goods, technologies and equipment for food products, technologies and products for the industry; plants machinery, building products, machinery and plants for human and environmental safety, metal construction in general.

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