Mechanics in 4.0: Investments in 2017 at + 13,3%

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Produzione (+3,7%) ed export (+2,5%) in crescita.

The historical trend of mechanics from 1990 to 2017: an improving trend

Milan, 11 July 2017 - News from the Italian mechanical industry is positive. The 2017 forecasts of the production mark a + 3,7%, equal to 46,6 mils of euros. A jump compared to the 45 billions of Euros with 2016, which had exceeded the 2015 results with a + 1,1%. None of the 36 sectors represented by the Anima Federation report a negative sign.

The histogram chart captures the historical trend of mechanical manufacturing from 1990 to 2017. Almost thirty years of production steadily increased steadily, with only a few exceptions, up to the 2008. Since 2009, as in so many other areas, suddenly lost 16 points. Production values ​​began to rise only in the 2015 and prospered a good jump in the 2017.

"Moderate euphoria also stems from accelerating investment in technology, which has already been activated in the 2016," says Chairman of Anima / Confindustria, Alberto Caprari. "The incentives of the 4.0 National Industry Plan have given businesses and entrepreneurs a contribution, even psychological, to growth that now needs to be solid and structured." A perception that is confirmed in investment data, which between 2015 and 2016 has just marked a + 0,3%, while in 2017 there is a consistent growth of + 13,3%. "They are beautiful numbers that have not been read for several years. We are talking about technological innovation injected into our factories, both in terms of improvement and efficiency in production processes, but also in the development of new 4.0 products and services, "continues Caprari.

The Anima Studies Institute has analyzed the sectors represented by the Federation, most involved in the incentives provided by the National Industry Plan 4.0, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development.

In particular, food technology, industrial valves, and caldera have invested millions of euros in 4.0 technologies for processes and products in both 2016 and 2017, due to the only measure of depreciation applied to tangible and intangible assets, as indicated From Annexes A and B to the Ministerial Plan. The table shows how the growth of the "input" sectors of 4.0 in the company is much more intense (+ 6,4% as production and + 16,9% as investments) than the average of the Anima subfunds.

International Business
«Innovation and research are two fundamental elements to be truly competitive, especially in international trade», underlines Caprari. The export in 2016, compared to the previous year, has grown by + 0,9%. According to 2017 forecasts, a value of goods equal to + 2,5% will be exported. We therefore move from the 26,3 billion euros of the 2016 to the 26,9 billions of euros during this year. The 2016 export quota represented the 58,4% of the total production, while in the 2017 it is estimated to be equal to 57,8%. Therefore, the positive contribution made by the Italian domestic market, which is showing signs of recovery, is evident.

"The sectors represented by the Anima Federation export the majority of what they produce, with peaks of 90% in some sectors of construction technologies or specialized components", points out Caprari. "The United States has become the first export country for Italian mechanics. With a sustained pace of growth from the 2012 to the present, the US has required more mechanical technologies, surpassing Germany and France, which have maintained a constant trend in the years of crisis, with a slight increase in the last three semesters. The United Kingdom is also stable, fourth, despite Brexit fears. The decrease in Russia, which is reducing its export value, is worrying, falling to eighth place ", comments President Caprari. "The sanctions, just renewed, are exacerbating the difficulties of excellence that is Italian mechanics, not only much in demand but fundamental for the development of this great country. In recent months, companies are operating with alternative solutions such as joint ventures or industrial partnerships ".

Among the countries from which we import components and machinery, Germany occupies the first place. China increases its value, while maintaining an important gap from the traditional German historical partner.

ANIMA - Federation of National Associations of Variable and Affordable Mechanical Industry - is the industrial organization of the category that, within Confindustria, represents the companies of the various and similar mechanics, a sector that occupy 212.000 employees for a turnover of 45 billion of Euro and an export / turnover share of 58% (data referring to 2016). The macropositions represented by ANIMA are: machines and plants for the production of energy and for the chemical and petroleum industry - assembly of industrial plants; Logistics and handling of goods; Technologies and equipment for water and foodstuffs; Technologies and products for the industry; Installations, machines produced for the building; Machines and installations for the security of the man and of the environment; Buildings metalliche in gender.

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