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The first white book for industrial trucks, lifting, crane and shelving

The 6 July 2017, in Milan, was presented jointly by INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA and Aisem Federata ANIMA, the White Paper including the analysis of four major areas of handling and logistics, a thorough research that provides a picture of the evolution of the sector .

The White Paper captures 54's financial statements, sales trends, production and profitability on a panel of 143 entrepreneurs across the country. The largest concentration of companies is in the Emilia-Romagna region and follow in Veneto, Lombardy and Piedmont. The outlet market is predominantly European and around 90% of turnover comes from abroad. Italy is among the top five global companies as a producer and exporter. Customer-attracting business strategies are declines in innovation expertise and technology expertise, such as maintenance and remote monitoring and fleet control. An interesting phenomenon that is evident from the sample is that it is increasingly used to rent and not to sale of machinery and technology available.

For the lifting industry 174 businesses were taken into account. US, UK, Germany, France and Austria are the most receptive markets for this type of product in the year 2015. Italy is the second importing partner in Germany after China, which has a double share of the Italian one. Lombardy is the region that hosts the largest number of sample companies. The 80% of the direct market consists of SMEs. The production is almost exclusively domestic and national and the accessories are mostly tailor made. There are many companies specializing in providing only services and maintenance. The product's life cycle is very long and impacts on the obsolescence of the sub-fund, which is a brake on innovation. The sub-fund is the largest in the sector represented by Aisem. The analysis revealed some critical elements for the compartment, including obsolete machinery fleet, lack of clear rules and inadequacy on the part of the Institutions.

The number of cranes, however, is reduced, but it is considered to be an archipelago of handling and logistics in Italy. Even in the case of crane production, the Northern Italy is the main geographic concentration. Italy, which occupies fifth place among exporters to the United States, as analyzed by the White Paper. This is a small figure compared to the value of German exports to the USA which has a share higher than the 50% of the total. Producers aim to acquire new international customers thanks to participation at international fairs. The survey suggests that the future of the industry sees the expansion of the manufacturer as a consultant as well as a product provider. The focus of the offer is increasingly shifted towards the service component, ranging from selling to rental of the product. Innovation in the crane sector requires investment in materials used and to a lesser extent in technical and electronic design, which boasts a very high level.

The 49 shelving manufacturers, which make up the sample, export to Europe a share equal to 76% while to the United States only 2% despite being the market with greater potential but with difficulties related to local regulations. Half of the companies involved in the analysis show a productive logic extended to the different product families (industrial, light and commercial shelving). The critical elements of the sector emerged from the analysis are the lack of strength of the brand, the high level of bureaucracy that oppresses the Italian market, the diversification of regulations at local and regional level. The market offers a very fragmented demand due to the presence of numerous small companies; peculiarity that often obliges to customize the product for each customer and, consequently, to rationalize the production and distribution chain.

The White Paper is a work that arises from the collaboration between the trade association Aisem - Italian Association of Lifting, Elevation and Handling Systems - federated in ANIMA - Federation of National Associations which, within Confindustria, represents the companies of the Mechanical Industry - and INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA, the event, launched in 2015, dedicated to the most innovative solutions and integrated systems for industrial handling, warehouse management, storage of materials and picking. The agreement was signed in view of the second edition of INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA which, organized by the Italian branch of Deutsche Messe AG and part of the international CeMAT network, will be held from May 29 to 1 June 2018, in the pavilions of Fiera Milano-Rho. INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA also takes the opportunity to be part of the new exhibition "The Innovation Alliance", which sees five exhibitions dedicated to as many sectors of capital goods in order to increase the number of qualified visitors in the exhibition center.
In-depth research, volumes will be paid off to Aisem members and to companies or individuals who will sign up for the event by 29 September 2017.

"INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA has signed a partnership agreement with ANIMA, a federation of AISEM, and offers its exhibitors this in-depth sector study, up to now lacking and necessary," explained Andreas Züge, General Manager Hannover Fairs International, Deutsche Messe AG, Organizational body of the event. "Demonstrating that it does not want to limit itself to propose a showcase of international breathing in which to meet demand and supply, but also to provide useful tools for the evaluation of business strategies and to better acquaint the socio-economic context of reference."
The White Paper will also be available for purchase from all the companies concerned, either through Hannover Fairs International GmbH and by the federation ANIMA Aisem.
To date, in the second edition of INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA there are important industrial companies such as: Automha, A-Safe, Bimat LT, Collini, Crown Lift Trucks, Dematic, Distrisort, DMR, Elsa Solutions, FasThink, Fomir, Go Systems, Heute Maschinenfabrik, Incas, Interroll, LCS, Mecalux Italy, Mlog, Modula, MPM, Omron Electronics, Rite-Hite Italy, SPE Electronics, SSI Schäfer Systems, Swisslog, Tellure Rôta, Tente Ruote, Vipa, Wubump.
The study was conducted on the basis of publicly available data, obtained through BvD-AIDA, for company balance sheets; Istat, Eurostat and Un-Comtrade for international trade; "BeOnBusiness" database of the Revenue Agency.


INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is the only event with a complete offer dedicated to the most innovative solutions and integrated systems for industrial handling, warehouse management, materials storage and picking.
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INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA - International Trade Fair Materials Handling, Intralogistics and Logistics - 29 May - 01 June 2018 - Fieramilano, Rho (Milan)

Aisem - Italian Association of Lifting, Lifting and Moving Systems - In Aisem, 8 types of goods are divided into 4 sections, which relate to the "lifting and transport" and "self-propelled industrial trucks" subframes. The first sub-fund occupies 10.300 employees in Italy for a turnover of 2,7 billion with an export / turnover share of 32%, while the industrial cargo segment occupies 4.180 units with a turnover of 1,36 billion and an export / turnover share of 32 %.

ANIMA - Federation of National Associations of Variable and Affordable Mechanical Industry - is the industrial organization of the category which, within Confindustria, represents the companies of various and similar mechanics, a sector that occupy 210.000 employees for a turnover of 44 billion Euro and an export / turnover share of 59% (data referring to the pre-contractual 2015). The macro-sectors represented by ANIMA are: machines and plants for the production of energy and for the chemical and petroleum industry - assembly of industrial plants; Logistics and handling of goods; Technologies and equipment for foodstuffs; Technologies and products for the industry; Installations, machines produced for the building; Machines and installations for the security of the man and of the environment; Buildings metalliche in gender.

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