Easy project Customs: "Customs and business, a partnership for competitiveness": seminar in Villa Pariani

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The Industrial Union of Verbania, in collaboration with the Federation of Soul,
Easyfrontier and the Bureau of Customs of the Verbano, Cusio, Ossola, organized a seminar for
illustrate the new customs (which came into force on 1 / 01 / 2011) related to security and tools
made available to the companies covered by the EU, in order to obtain and manage
simplifications customs, tax and excise duties.
In particular were highlighted domiciliation Customs and AEO certification
(Authorized Economic Operator), which represent two important institutions to work with multiple
efficiency, in compliance with safety and control of incoming and outgoing goods
by the EU.
During the seminar we focused on the introduction of the AAD (Document
Accompanying Excise) in electronic form and has emerged that the tax breaks on
Excise duties are of a fundamental issue for those working in the field of energy products and

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