BiTech project


Resume the work of the "BiTech" project, carried out in collaboration between ANIE SOUL for the promotion of plant technologies represented by the two federations in buildings.
The project, officially launched in 2015 and initially named "Project Building" saw the drafting of some documents, aimed at presenting ANIE and SOUL as a reference contact for the plant in the buildings, both new, and in the renovation.

The documents are prepared:
• A power point presentation on new plant technologies and their integration in "smart building", with a minimum depth technical and destined for a non-technical audience;
• A policy document, written in "modular" form, that is structured on different levels of detail, to bring to the attention of the institutions of more or less specific themes sull'impiantistica

The documents shall also be broken in order to highlight the benefits that the new plant technologies can make to the quality of life in buildings in four specific areas:

  • Energy efficiency,
  • Safety,
  • Usability and comfort
  • interconnection
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