Activities and services of UCC


UCC has always invested, among other activities on the organization of training events with high technical content: today more than ever the industry lives on innovation and process improvement, hence the need for continuous updating of the operating technicians in ' Industry. UCC organizes courses on the proper design of pressure equipment, including boilers, courses geared to the evaluation and risk analysis and related to the field of welding. Among the services to the members, among other things, the ability to enter into agreements with a number of qualified operators, the support of an Area of ​​a Central Technical and Sectoral Studies Office. Computer codes and technical standards in vision are available to members (to date):

· ASME BPV 2010

· ASME B31-1: 2007

· TEMA Standards 9th Edition


· PD 5500


· RCC-M 2007

The Association is also able to provide information about the editions of the UNI CEN and used by manufacturers and to assist in the purchase of these associates. All the rules implemented by UNI are available to members in the vision at the Technical Area ANIMA.