UCC with "Adopt a school for Expo2015" paves the way alternating-school work. Three high schools adopted: Treviglio, Milan and Brescia.


Entrepreneurs of the Italian metal work, meeting UCC / Soul, have adopted three colleges: the 'ITIS Ettore Conti in Milan, the TECHNICAL INSTITUTE INDUSTRIAL L.CEREBOTANI in Lonato (BS) and the TECHNICAL INSTITUTE Oreste Mozzali of Treviglio (BG ) with the aim of revitalizing the partnership between schools and the world of work.

"Adopt a school for Expo 2015" it is a project launched by the Ministry of Education and CONFINDUSTRIA to facilitate and promote school visits to Expo2015 with special attention to the business world and to support technology in the field of nutrition.
For UCC, this project is also a valuable opportunity to revitalize cooperation with some colleges, through initiatives attentive to the near future of the kids who are approaching the end of their studies: programs of school-work between companies and the Boiler Institutes adopted, but also scholarships for the best students.
Member companies UCC, who know how important it is to invest in well-trained to be competitive in an increasingly globalized market, share it with the world of education the need to develop educational courses that create real job opportunities to the students of today.
And the association, for its part, is committed to support the members and schools, so that the dialogue will continue over time, in the knowledge that mutual knowledge qualifies the economies and all institutions of the territory. In short, it is good for the national economy.

The Association is available to customize proposals for collaboration between technical institutes and other member companies interested in joining the program.