Ecodesign: WP 2015-2017


As part of the preparatory study for the drafting of eco Woking Plan 2015-2017 they have been developed and are available at the following link the first 3 chapters (task).

Oeko-Institut presented for the first time his remarks in the first stakeholder meeting (July 3 2014 in Brussels), which are available on the presentations and the minutes at the following link:

Below is the information most relevant:

The task 2.2 aims to reanalyze the previous Working Plan and published studies that have generated the publication, to identify possible actions to be proposed to the Commission. It is emphasized that, in the context of this analysis, the consultant did not suggest new actions but wanted to bring to the attention of the EC two actions of interest to the sector, already suggested by the previous analysis:

- Propose a preparatory study on pumps

- Include in the future revision of 641 / 2009 Regulation circulators for "drinking water"

In the task 3 are instead identified product groups chosen for preliminary analysis. Among them, the 20 product groups with the greatest potential for improvement, will be explored in future task 4:

1 Anti-Legionellae filters

2 Aquarium equipment (it is made clear that the aquarium pumps are already analyzed in the lot 29)

3 Base station subsystems

4 Domestic kitchen appliances

5 Electric kettles / water cookers

6 Elevators, escalators, and moving walkways

7 Energy using equipment used in means of transport

8 Garden houses

9 Greenhouses

10 or athletics articles Gym (treadmills, home trainers etc.).

11 Hand and hair driers (blowers for personal care)

12 Handheld power tools

13 Hot food presentation and storage equipment

14 Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

15 Inductors

16 In-house Networking: routers, modems, internet boxes, WiFi access points.

17 Inverters and converters

Lawn mowers and riding 18

19 Mobile phones, smartphones

Patio heaters 20

21 Sound amplifiers

22 Swimming pool heaters

23 Tertiary hot beverage equipment (with or without vending function).

24 Video projectors

25 Water, steam and sand cleaning appliances (power washers)

26 CSTB (Because of media gateways, That may not be covered by the VA)

27 Imaging equipment (if VA is not cushion adopted)

Backup List:

- Building control and access

- Industrial process heating equipment, other than ENTR 4

The next significant steps announced are as follows:

• First week of August: publication of the final version of the task-1 3

• End of October 2014: publication of the Draft Task 4

• Early November: second stakeholder meeting

• End of December: the publication of the final version of task-1 4