Aslam, Assocold and Assofrigoristi together for the most requested cold profession


The frigorista: the most requested and constantly evolving cold profession. Aslam, Assocold and Assofrigoristi prepare 28 young people for the new profession.

Starting from September, 2018 finds a new job opportunity. For the first time, the modern and future refrigeration and air conditioning professional will be trained from the school desks. It is the refrigeration technician, whose complete definition sounds like "installer and maintainer of plants with natural thermal-bearing fluids" because of the growing need to have an expert professional also in the management of new refrigerants that are the solutions of the future with low environmental impact.
The refrigeration and air-conditioning sectors are in strong and constant growth both in the domestic market and in the professional and commercial sectors, as well as the export trend, which shows a constant positive evolution. Within Italian borders and in the world, Italian technologies are increasingly in demand. What you can not miss is the specialized professional with specific skills who can handle the new refrigerants with different safety features and greater than those required today. It is not enough that the systems are excellent, but the presence of those who can correctly install and maintain the latest generation equipment, especially those that use natural refrigerants, is necessary.
For this reason, the Aslam professional institute, together with Assocold and Assofrigoristi associations, will form 28 young people from September, kicking off the effective collaboration between school and business. The profession of the refrigerator will also boast a new national collective contract under the aegis of Assofrigoristi that will protect the profession according to the UNI EN 13313 standard.