F-GAS - Decree of the DPR Revision 43 / 2012 in implementing the new F-Gas Regulation 517 / 2014


The day 23 March, the Ministry of Environment organized a meeting on the revision of national legislation in the field of F-Gas, during which it was presented and illustrated the scheme of new national decree that will replace the current DPR 43 / 2012.

Among the main changes introduced, it should be noted in particular the establishment of a new telematic register on the sale of gas and of the equipment and systems that are not hermetically sealed containing fluorinated greenhouse gases affection (Art. 16).

The inclusion of specific data required in New register will be compulsory for:
companies that sell the equipment non-sealed directly to end users (Paragraph 3), as provided in Art. 11, 5 paragraph of 517 / 2014 Regulations, and
individuals and companies certified to perform the installation, maintenance, regular leakage, dismantlement and / or repair of equipment (Paragraph 7-10).

In practice, with the submission of such an electronic register, which will be maintained and managed by the competent Chambers of Commerce, will disappear:
• the current equipment Register in paper format, and
• the ISPRA (SINAnet) portal registry that forced operators - understood as end users or owners of equipment covered by the regulation - to make the F-Annual Gas Statement (by 31 May each year) on the amount of gas emissions to the atmosphere fluorinated reported in the paper equipment records. The objective is indeed to find out this information directly from the data included in the new register by qualified and certified.

The operators of the equipment shall only have an obligation to ensure that the equipment should be installed by staff or certified companies (statement during the purchase to the seller) and then subjected, if they contain more than 5 Ton equivalent CO2, the mandatory periodic checks, of course, always making use of physical or persons certified companies.

As for testing the accuracy of data and compliance obligations declared by importers of pre-loaded equipment in relation to the refrigerant gas contained in them (Article 14, of 517 / 2014 Regulation), art. 17 is introduced the independent inspection body defined as follows: a conformity assessment body accredited to carry out verification activities of the greenhouse to affect emissions pursuant to Directive 2003 / 87 / EC.

Finally, it is noted that theArt. 21 of the Decree scheme It should implement the 'Art.9 of the 517 / 2014 Regulation ie i
Producer liability schemes.

Without prejudice to existing Union legislation, Member States shall encourage the development of producer responsibility regimes for the recovery of fluorinated greenhouse gases and their recycling, regeneration or destruction. Member States shall inform the Commission of the actions taken pursuant to the first paragraph.

In the coming weeks are scheduled further meetings with the Ministry, with the aim of finalizing the new text of the decree (available for SOUL writing to Members tecnico@anima.it).