F-Gas: published the EU Implementing Regulation 2016 / 879


The day 3 June was published in the EU Official Journal (OJEU) the EU Implementing Regulation 2016 / 879, which governs the submission and verification procedures of the compliance statement referred to in Article 14 of 517 / 2014 Regulation, which allows the placing on the market of refrigeration and air-conditioning and heat pumps loaded with hydrofluorocarbons, if within the quota system established by this Regulation 517 / 2014.

The Regulation shall enter into force on June 23, 20 days after the publication in the OJEU, but the articles concerning the declaration (1 and 2) will only be applicable from January 1 2017, while those relating to the verification (3 and 4) only from January 1 2018

The text of the Regulation is available at the following link.