Adaptation of eight European Directives to the NLF


After the process of adaptation of eight European Directives including those provided by the European Commission for the Alignment with the New Legislative Framework (New Legislative Framework - NLF). • In particular, have been published in the Official Journal of the European Union the new texts of the following Directives:

Directive 2014 / 29 / EU SPVD, simple pressure vessels
Directive 2014 / 30 / EU EMC, electromagnetic compatibility
Directive 2014 / 31 / EU NAWI, weighing non-automatic
Directive 2014 / 32 / EU, measuring instruments
Directive 2014 / 33 / EU, lifts and safety components for lifts
Directive 2014 / 34 / EU, equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
Directive 2014 / 35 / EU, electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits
Directive 2014 / 28 / EU, explosives for civil uses
Member States had to publish the relevant national transposition decrees by the 19 April 2016. After this publication, the current versions of these directives will be definitively repealed. Please note that in the transitional period of 2 years it will not be permitted to hinder the circulation of goods complying with the previous Directives.
The alignment process has resulted in revisions only of a formal nature.

In any case, even if it does not involve technical, design or market release aspects, the Alignment to the New Legislative Framework will have the effect of changing the name of the Directive within the declaration of conformity of the product.