The risks to be protected in accordance with the new EN 16005 - UNAC seminar on safety in use of motorized pedestrian doors


The motorized pedestrian doors must be designed and constructed so that they can be installed, operated, inspected, maintained and dismantled in a safe manner.
The minimum safety requirements that must be met according to the new EN 16005 are:
- Information on Use. It 'important that all information, both installation and operation and maintenance are provided in a clear and comprehensive in the documents attached to the door. If the installation of the door should only be performed by qualified personnel, this should be clearly highlighted in the usage information.
- Marking of the door. Must meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive.
- Operator electric. Must comply with the EN-60335 2-103.
- Materials and doors. If used, the glass must be such as not to be a source of risk in the event of breakage. It must not be possible to release easily from their home door components.
- Activation of the door. It can be automatic or manual with sensors suitable device. In each case the activation must not create risks.
- Elimination / reduction of risks associated with the movement of the door. Depending on the type of door and risk, you can use protections and barriers (fixed or mobile), safety distances, force limiting, protection devices or electro-sensitive to pressure, movement of the low-energy or energy controlled.

The 5 2012 December, the Association UNAC presented first to preview the new standard that has made as a result of its publication. At a special conference held at the headquarters of the Federation SOUL were presented in detail both the minimum security requirements required by the standard for the various types of ports that the tests to be performed to verify them. The initial part of the seminar also outlined the way forward for manufacturers to declare the conformity of their doors to the Machinery Directive.
The participants had the opportunity to deepen the problems related to security in the use of motorized pedestrian doors and clarify all possible doubts about the new rule confronting the convenor of the working group that produced the CEN EN 16005, Robert Franza, speaker of the 'meeting.

To receive the documents disclosed to the seminar last December 5 send an e-mail to the UNAC