Luigi Rubinelli is the new president of Anima Sicurezza


Milan, 21 May 2018 - Anima Sicurezza has chosen as its president for the next two years Luigi Rubinelli.
Veronese, a graduate in Civil Engineering at the University of Padua, is now a Managing Director and Technical Director of R & D at Conforti Spa.
"In recent years, our association has undergone a substantial change, opening itself to other players in the physical security market to involve them in the project of" professionalization "of the sector". - states the new president Rubinelli - «The strategic objective is to create more shared safety culture and to raise awareness of the market and institutions to consider regulating the need for risk reduction in commercial and private activities. There are no laws or regulations on how to protect a store at risk and it is not written anywhere. It is left to the sensibility of the citizen and to the professionalism of the proponents. There is no doubt that, in the field of security, Italian companies have superior skills and technologies compared to foreign competitors. The association, among other initiatives, promotes the certification of Professional Safes Technicians by organizing training and refresher courses for operators in the sector. >>


Talking about safe, or generically speaking, means talking about companies that produce half-boards, companies that produce or market high-security mechanical and electronic locks, companies that offer maintenance services. All activities that, in addition to requiring the technical quality of design and production, also require a strict professionalism made of experience and confidentiality. The sector is essentially active, but suffers from a lack of regulation. Currently we are witnessing the diffusion of safes equipped with complex technologies such as the known ATM (Bancomat), the "Self Payment" systems, the "Cash Handling" systems in the large retail sector. In organized activities, safes are no longer passive objects that only have to resist brute attacks, but they are also complex systems that dialogue and inform about what happens by offering the functional state in real time. So behind the term "safe" opens up a world of complexity that goes from the wallbox for domestic use to the safe that checks and counts the money, dialogues with the bank to credit the current account and keeps the values ​​deposited until the moment of the levy. As already mentioned, due to the lack of legislative references and even more simply insurance, our market remains however generally confused about security choices. Our sector is regulated by European technical standards that provide for the certification of the half-doors, locks and maintenance technicians. These rules are periodically updated and the association follows the evolution in Europe by participating in the activities of Eurosafe.

The quality and the technical level of Italian design and product are very popular also abroad and the interesting volumes are for high security locks and caggifortine for private use. The European countries remain the largest export markets.