Project "Dogana Facile" (Easy Customs)

Consolidated and appreciated service technical consultancy in the field of customs, Certification and training specialist

In view of the needs emerged from the companies, through its SOUL services company in collaboration with ASA Easyfrontier (, A consulting firm expert in customs matters, Offers member companies the opportunity to use the Customs as an additional leverage over the competition on international markets.

Many have already caught the concrete advantages from the Project, so the best presentation is provided by comments of the entrepreneurs themselves who have joined:

  • "I would do it on the fly, in fact I have recommended it to many of my colleagues. (...) With the certification we are able to deliver to the carrier customer's customs bubble and this saves considerable time and bureaucracy "


  • "The investment pays for itself in less than a year, and for us in foreign markets is a great help. (..) the results are excellent: the 25% reduced transportation costs, time is slashed drastically. (..) The other big advantage is fiscal in nature, because the return to office of the customs declaration in electronic format is immediate, whereas with the normal procedures sometimes take months. "


  • "In the United States we send at least two containers a week, and this certification is crucial for us to reduce time and costs."


The Project seen from 'Customs Agency

"The Customs Agency is encouraging the use of the Community Customs AEO certification program. (...) Being AEO certificates equivalent to be considered safe and reliable economic operators in the international supply chain and thus be able to use confidential lines of traffic and to avoid penalizing quarantine periods. "

(Source: The Sole24ore)

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