DL 4 / 7 / 15 favors large companies of national strategic interest - the comments of the President SOUL

"As the Federation of Mechanics we express appreciation for the government's action on the front and Ilva concerning our Fincantieri associated with the recent decree approved in the way - says Alberto Caprari, President ANIMA / Confindustria, representing 44 billion in revenue for the 59% from Export and thousand engineering companies. "The expected response and government intervention in sensitive issues but fundamental, as cases Ilva and Fincantieri damage - finally - the impression of going to do business in a normal country. There is still much to do of course, but these are positive signals important, that companies must have to regain confidence in the institutions. It is hoped that the attitude of the Judiciary and organizations safeguard go quickly to change, to finally protect honest businesses that are economy and provide jobs. The automatic application the legislative provisions, without immerse themselves in actual measurement of the problem in question, creates enormous damage to the whole country. ANIMA / Confindustria and businesses of mechanics are always ready to work together to build un'assetto balanced and sustainable. "

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