ICIM SpA. is an independent certification body born in Milan in 1988 as an Italian Certification Institute for Mechanics. ICIM is the first Italian agency recognized ASME Authorized Inspection Agency.
Alongside the certification of systems (quality, environment and safety) in the mechanical, automotive, plumbing and heating sectors, ICIM is a leader in the certification of professional figures and is one of the leading experts in Italy and the world in the certification of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
As member of the CISQ Federation, ICIM adheres to the international circuit IQNet (The International Certification Network) the largest network of certification bodies (over 250.000 certified), and can therefore guarantee a certification with recognizability in all the nations adhering to the network. In addition, the institution provides a wide range of training for companies and professionals through the Knowledge Factory, with courses also in-house.
ICIM is aimed at organizations that, in every market segment, believe that innovation and sustainability are essential elements of development.

Partner of ANIMA, ICIM - independent certification body in the fields of mechanics, plumbing and heating, plant engineering, burglar-proof security - provides support services to internationalization as one of the leading experts in Italy and the world in the certification of renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Portal realized by ANIMA Confindustria, ICIM and UCIMU-Sistemi per Produrre, to support Italian manufacturing companies as protagonists of the 4 ^ Industrial Revolution.
The Portal offers information and updates on legislative changes and clarifications on application guidelines and access to tax benefits. It allows you to receive competent answers to your questions and to transmit, in a confidential and secure manner, the documents necessary to use the service offered by ICIM to benefit from the tax benefit of the depreciation.

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