ICIM SpA is an independent certification body with ANIMA Confindustria majority. Born in Milan in the 1988 as Italian Certification Institute for Mechanics, ICIM is today a leader in the certification of systems - quality, environment and safety - in the mechanical, automotive, thermo-hydraulic, plant engineering sectors; in burglar-proof security; in the certification of professional figures; it is also one of the leading experts in Italy and in the world in the certification of renewable energy and energy efficiency. ICIM is also the first Italian agency recognized by the ASME Authorized Inspection Agency.
With the acquisition of the OMECO laboratory in the 2019, a primary national laboratory with more than 100 activities recognized by Accredia in laboratory tests and non-destructive tests, ICIM has integrated certification and inspection activities with testing and analysis activities for a complete offer ICT (Testing, Inspection and Certification) available to all manufacturing companies for product conformity assessment (quality, performance, safety, sustainability, environment). And with the acquisition of Consorzio Pascal, already a certification body according to the PED directive, ICIM confirms itself as a reference certification body for mechanical companies.

ICIM is very active in the field of 4.0 Industry, with services ranging from the certification of the requirements for access to tax benefits of hyper-depreciation, mandatory for investments over € 500.000 and optional for those of a lower amount, to services such as IT security, business continuity, asset management or security of innovative man-machine interfaces. In collaboration with ANIMA and UCIMU - Systems to produce, ICIM manages a portal to offer companies information and answers on specific questions www.i4punto0.it. To date, ICIM has produced over 600 assessments aimed at the certification issued for access to tax benefits related to over-amortization.

As a member of the CISQ Federation, ICIM is a member of the IQNet international circuit (The International Certification Network) and can therefore guarantee certification with recognition in all network member countries. Furthermore, the institution provides a wide training offer for companies and professionals through the Knowledge Factory, with courses also in-house.

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