The intervention of the President Caprari the press conference SOUL December 2015

"Although to some it may seem 'little glamor', mechanical industry exports more in comparison to food, fashion and design sectors altogether - said Alberto Caprari, President ANIMA at the 15 Federal Press Conference of December 2015.

"The key that opens doors overseas is the quality and flexibility of our companies, accompanied by appraisal for our technologies. We Italians are good at meeting customer's requirements by adapting to regulatory conditions, social and economic conditions in which we operate. We are always keeping up with the standards, unlike some other international player. Market surveillance is a need for the whole Italian manufacture, should not be perceived as an abstract concept. We therefore ask to check thoroughly counterfeiting and unfair competition that threaten development of many excellences of ours."

"Innovation, energy efficiency, use of renewable resources are all elements that characterize the development of the technologies that the Italian manufacturing has and is developing best used for each sector and application - continued Caprari - which led her to be always among the top positions in the world, in sectors such as components industry, the food-tecnologies, the water industry and energy, oil & gas etc., all strategic sectors that is notoriously SOUL. Companies that want to grow today must also take account of the decisions of 150 heads of state gathered in Paris for the Cop21 ".

At the recent International Summit on Climate Change, one of the most important factors is the fact that China and the US have expressed a clear desire to make important decisions to limit the production of Co2.

"The results of the working tables will impact heavily on the global way of doing business from now on. - Commented Chairman Caprari - Our Italian manufacturing excellence, already well-oriented in that sense, they can not but benefit significantly. "

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